Michael Jordan Look Alike Hoax Video

December 10, 2009

This is a time for giving and for Brandt Andersen will be a time to return, after his Michael Jordan look alike performed in the charity game where thousands of fans awaited the real Michael Jordan. Continue reading to learn more about this news, plus photos and video below.

The real Michael Jordan

For months, Bryon Russell, the man who  Michael Jordan put his most famous score on, challenged the eternal 23 of the Bulls to a ‘one against one’. Jordan never said yes, but the owner of the Utah Flash deceived his audience by saying that the match would occur. And the scandal was armed.

"Michael Jordan will play against Bryon Russell, and if not, we will also entertaining," said Brandt Andersen, president of the Utah Flash of the NBDL. The supposed ‘one against one’ would be at halftime of a game and play the Flash – a check for $100,000 for charity.

But Jordan, who said he would never go, never appeared, and the 7,500 fans who filled the stadium hoping to see the largest return was enraged. "I never said that Michael Jordan was going to be here, but I guess people assumed it would be," Andersen said after the embarrassing spectacle.
Brandt Andersen said he will return the money received from the sale of tickets where thousands of fans who thought Michael Jordan would play a charity benefit match in the first Utah Flash game of the season.

Later on the Flash owner Brandt Andersen, admitted that hired someone like Jordan to be strolled through the city on Monday, when an Internet video of the impostor eating at a restaurant and witnesses who allegedly saw him raised expectations that the legend of basketball was in town.

"This was done as something fun," Andersen wrote in his blog after the game. "If you do not see it as fun or feel they overdid it, sorry."
Later, the president of the Development League, Dan Reed, also apologized in a statement, "by promoting Utah Flash never have done."
Andersen invited Jordan in September, when he made a public challenge, offering $ 100,000 for the charity to choose the winner of the duel. The team continued to promote the "rematch" between Jordan and Russell, even though Jordan never responded to the first challenge that Andersen made.
The audience realized that Jordan was an impostor of course in between. Some began to boo and others left.

In 1998, Jordan’s shot over Russell in the sixth game of the NBA finals, led the Chicago Bulls to a 4-2 victory in the series against Utah. Jazz fans still insist that Jordan pushed Russell.

Check Out Brandt Andersen’s Excuse, plus the Fake Michael  Jordan Video Below.

Michael Jordan Look Alike Hoax Video

Photo: Carrie Devorah / WENN. www.WENN.com.

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