Clay Guida is UFC Fighter

December 9, 2009

Clay Guida says, “The best is yet to come” in regard to his fight against Kenny Florian this Saturday. Read more about the Ultimate Championship Fighter, and his upcoming match below.

Clay Guida

So it goes something like this. Although the winner of this bout may not get an immediate shot at the title, it will show the main event victor, between BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez, who and what they need to begin to prepare for. The loser on the other hand will probably be out of title contention for at least the time being.

Guida has stepped up his training regimen in preparation for the fight, and he describes his new trainer, Greg Jackson, as “the best MMA coach inside and outside of the UFC”. He also said that his training would continue under the guidance of Jackson for future fights.

So how did Florian vs. Guida come to be? It all started after BJ Penn beat out K Flo at UFC 101. As soon as the match ended Guida shot both Joe Silva and Dana White a text requesting an opportunity to take on Kenny. Clearly, they thought it was a good idea, and the bout was scheduled soon after.

Here are the notable match-ups on Saturday’s Fight Card:

B.J. Penn vs. Diego Sanchez (Lightweight title)
Cheick Kongo vs. Frank Mir
Thiago Alves vs. Paulo Thiago

As a biography:

When was Clay Guida born? December 8, 1981. Where was he born? Round Lake, Illinois. Height: 5 ft 7 in. Weight: 155 lb. Division: 155. Style: Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing. Record: 25-10. Both him and his brother Jason are MMA fighters. He’s had several occupations other than fighting; they include carpentry and crab fishing.

What do you know about the MMA expert that we don’t? Fill in the blanks in our bio in the comment section.

Don’t forget to check out pictures and a video of Clay Guida below.

Clay Guida

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