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December 10, 2009

The life of Tiger Woods is surrounded by more scandals each day, lovers, prenuptial agreements, more lovers, car accident, more lovers, suicide attempts, jealous lovers, wife moving out and now sans clothing photos of Tiger in a popular magazine for women, wow! it seems that the life of Tiger is on fire. Read on to know more about this shocking news, plus photos and video below.

Tiger Woods 01

Apparently a mistress who has not yet come to light was the one who took pictures of the golfer on her cell phone and delivered the photos to Playgirl magazine, you can imagine how much $$$ this woman might be asking.

The editors of Playgirl Magazine are studying the photos to verify their authenticity and will begin the process with their lawyers to establish how much are they worth.

"We’re in the process of Authenticating photos, We have to see if they’re real," he added. "You can take photos of anyone but what would it even be worth without a way to truly identify him?"

"Our attorneys are looking into the possible monetary worth.", said Daniel Nardico of Playgirl, Which just made a big splash last month with Levi Johnston.

I remember all the fuss that went on around Levi Johnson’s photos all over the world, and if Tiger Woods photos are in the hands of Playgirl, who are moving all tin their power to bring the pictures as soon as possible into their magazine, it is probably because the photos are for sure a time bomb ready explode and Playgirl undoubtedly will lose no opportunity to be the one who pressed the button.

This is another scandal utterly embarrassing for Tiger and especially for his wife Elin and their children, now even Elin’s family has been affected by Tiger’s scandal. If these photos became public in Playgirl magazine or another public source, it will be the end for Tiger, the little reputation he  had  left will be vanished as well as his sponsors and career.

Tiger Woods 03

What do you think of Tiger Woods’ Photos? Video is below.


Tiger Woods Video

Photo: Daniel Deme / WENN, Carrie Devorah / WENN, Apega / WENN, www,WENN.com.

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