2010 World Cup Final Draw, Groups, Photos and Video

December 10, 2009

At the 18 World Cups that have been played so far a total of 80 countries have assisted. The only one that has been present in all of them has been Brazil, which also is the team that has won more Cups at the tournament. Each delivers new global performances, new surprises and the most important event of Football in the World. Read on for the latest news about this major global event plus photos and video  below.

World Cup 1a

The balls rolled, the hands of the beautiful South African Charlize Theron and British hottie David Beckham chose the groups, destiny becomes infatuated and the groups in South Africa 2010 World Cup are already known.

So many people talked about "Groups of Death" and the draw for the World Cup really did not throw one group particularly in this category. Although one group should promise to be exciting might be group G with Brazil (19 times in the World Cup, please note the number on each country tells you the times they have participated in the World Cup) as the main protagonist. Brazil is 5 times the World Cup champions and favorites not just for fans in Latin America but around the globe.
But in South Africa 2010 the team of the Samba will face Portugal (5) and Côte d’Ivoire (2) and can not trust North Korea (2), even though they are an opponent a bit unknown. The controversy will be between Brazil and Portugal, strong teams that will have to kill each other to get the second ticket to the knockout stage. What will be ironic is that  Kaka will face with his Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

The history changed for Argentina (15) after the two previous World Cups where they had to fight with blood and fire in authentic "Groups of Death". Now in this World Cup they will face  Nigeria (4) and Greece (2), teams which they have to confront and defeat in the World Cup of 1994 in the U.S., now also added to Group B is South Korea (8).

Another interesting group is A, with the host South Africa (3). No local has been left out in the first round, but it will be difficult to inaugurate the tournament with Mexico (14) and a pair of former champions France (13) and Uruguay (11).
Group C also throws the match between England (13) and USA (9), which it will be measured after the great victory of the Americans in Brazil in 1950, and those that were added are Algeria (3) and Slovenia (2) .

Germany (17) could be facing a tremendous group which would be the D, Australia (3) they did a great job at Germany 2006 arrived at the knockout stage, while downplaying dangerous rivals such as Serbia (1) that gave a hard time to France and Ghana (2).

Then the group E with the Netherlands (9) and Cameroon (6) that are favorites, but Denmark (4) and Japan (4) have a full stop to offer better emotions. Holland currently achieving their ticket to the World Cup almost no muss, bet that both Denmark and Cameroon will fight until the end to not sit out the first chance, and Japan appears as Cinderella.

In group F we have in Italy (17) who heads the group as the favorite, with Paraguay (8) that no account at this time to level with other Latin American teams like Chile. New Zealand (2) and Slovakia (1) As seen Italy will have no problem with any of his mates.

Ultimately,  group  F with Spain (13) will have no rival who could be regarded as dangerous, among these are Chile (8), Honduras (2) and Switzerland (9).

Well Here they are, The 8 groups for this 2010 World cup. I also wanted to share with you the points each country has and its place in the world rankings.

Group A
South Africa 6 place with 377 points, Mexico 15 place with 931 points, Uruguay 19 and 901 points and France 7 place with 1122 points.
Group B
Argentina 8 place with 1085 points, Nigeria 22 place with 848 points, South Korea 52 sites with 625 points, Greece 12 place with 1028 points.
Group C
England 9 place with 1063 points, USA 14 place with 980 points, Algeria 28 place with  823 points, Slovenia 33 place with 756 points.
Group D
Germany 6 place with 1170 points, Australia 21 place with 863 points, Serbia 20 place with 900 points, Ghana 37 place with 739 points.
Group E
Netherlands 3 place with 1279 points, Denmark 26 place with 835 points, Japan 43 place with 709 points, Cameroon 11th place with 1035 points.
Group F
Italy 4 place with 1215 points, Paraguay 30 place with 816 points, New Zealand 77 sites with 433 points, Slovakia 34 place with 755 points.
Group G
Brasil 2nd place with 1592 points, 84 North Korean place with 399 points, Côte d’Ivoire 16 place with 927 points, Portugal 5 place with 1181 points.
Group H
Spain 1 place with 1622 points, Switzerland 18 place with 924 points, Honduras 38 place with 738 points, Chile 17 place with 926 points.

With every World Cup we find new hosts, new countries, players and much more, and two aspects that couldn’t be left out is the new mascot and the new official ball.
Holding on with the spirit of Telstar, Tango, or the more contemporary Tricolore Teamgeist, this World Cup at South Africa brings Jabulani.

This sphere whose name means "elephant", "celebrate". According to the German sports firm Adidas, who produced the ball, Jabulani is more of a round ball that has never seen the film debuted in the match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Monchengladbach, this ball has worked for four years and subjected to various and detailed tests to prove its excellence. As we were introduced to the 2010 World cup mascot Zakumi friendly  yellow Leopard with green hair, whose name comes from Za for South Africa and Kumi from 10 (as 2010). Zakumi was created by South Africa Andries Odendaal and the outfit by Cora Simpson of Cora’s Costumes.

"Zakumi represents the people, geography and spirit of South Africa, personifying in essence the 2010 FIFA World Cup We are Certain we will have a lot of fun with him in the lead-up to and during the FIFA Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup, "said FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke.

The truth is that this World Cup comes with many surprises, joy, music, powerful teams, incredible personalities as the amazing South African president Nelson Mandela loved by everyone and someone whose effort and love for South Africa, made his country today’s World Cup host.

In fact Nelson Mandela’s charm, kindness and tremendous effort has even been the inspiration for many and even has been brought on a film, that tells the story about him standing up for his country. That is how  Academy Winner Actor and director Clint Eastwood in directing the motion Picture “Invictus”, starring Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon. Don’t miss this movie it will totally take your breath away.
The countdown has begun and we can’t wait until  June to be here soon so we can join to the greatest celebration of Soccer in the world.

Nelson Mandela 1Charlize Theron 1aDavid Beckham 1a

Check out photos and videos below.

2010 World Cup Video

Take a look at the World Cup Official ball “Jabulani” by Adidas and at Zakumi videos below.



 Jabulani Video

Zakumi Video

World Cup South Africa 2010 Video

Photos: Apega/ WENN, Danny Clifford/ WENN, Carrie Devorah/WENN, WENN, www.WENN.com.

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