E.J Henderson Leg Injury Video

December 8, 2009

NFL’s game on Sunday between The Minnesota Vikings and The Arizona Cardinals was going great until tragedy struck Linebacker E. J Henderson. Read More to know the rest of this story plus video below.

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Everything happened in the last quarter of The Game where the Vikings were losing 30-17 to the Cardinals. Vikings star Linebacker along with fellow teammate Jamarc Sanford were after  Tim Hightower and when E. J tried to tackle Hightower, Henderson crashed  against Sanford causing Henderson to carry the worst part, his leg twisted in a very violent way while he was in the air causing his leg too make a turn inward as he hit the ground it was when E. J grabbed his left leg and was full of pain.

His brother Erin is also a linebacker for the Vikings ( but he wasn’t playing at that time) arrived quickly to see what had happened to his brother and accompanying him, while holding his hand as he was taken off the field in a motorized cart to the locker rooms where doctors spent several minutes with the player, although it was fairly accurate of what had happened, E. J Henderson suffered a broken femur and had to go under surgery. He’ll be out the rest of the season.

His colleagues were devastated with the news about Henderson’s surgery as well as all the Vikings’ fans, because Henderson is a vital defensive key for the Vikings."I feel bad for E.J.," Vikings quarterback Brett Favre said. "That’s awful for him and for our team."

E. J Henderson arrived at the Phoenix hospital and went into surgery,  according to Vikings coach Brad Childress, the surgery went well and E.J was feeling great and optimistic, although he didn’t comment about when E.J will be back.<

The famous Linebacker, who holds three NCAA records, also missed the final part of last season after he was put on injured reserve after a foot injury  (he actually dislocated some toes) in the game against the Tennessee Titans, the time the Vikings will be without E.J on the team will be a disadvantage too dangerous,they will have to address in the following games.


Check out the shocking Video in Slow motion:

E. J Henderson Leg Injury Video

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