Ambulance at Tiger Woods House, Blond Woman, Suicide?

December 8, 2009

An ambulance raced to Tiger Woods house and rushed a blond woman to the hospital on a stretcher. The woman is reportedly on life support at Heath Central Hospital in Florida, which is the same hospital which admitted Tiger Woods over a week ago.

The emergency call came at 2:36 am from Deacon Circle where Tiger Woods lives. The ambulance was followed to the hospital by another car leaving the Woods estate in Florida. It was a black Escalade which is the same model owned by Tiger Woods.

We are hearing that later Tiger Woods himself went to the hospital. FoxNews is following the story which MSNBC and TMZ reported minutes ago. Video has been provided by local WKMG television.

An eye witness at the hospital reports that a gorgeous woman got out of the black Escalade at the hospital and followed the stretcher into the emergency room. Elin Nordegren’s mother is known to be visiting over the holiday. Could the patient be Elin Nordegren’s mother?

Earlier we reported that Elin Nordegren had moved down the street to get away from her cheating husband. We hope that we are not looking at an Elin Nordegren suicide attempt. The Woods family has kids and this isn’t her fault.

Something big is up. The fire department and hospital are not releasing further details at this time of the mystery blond woman, but we will keep you posted as developments progress.

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