Wilson Gouveia is UFC Fighter

December 7, 2009

Fighter Wilson Gouveia says that he is prepared to take on Alan “The Talent” Belcher at UFC 107. This comes as his tenth bout for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Read more below.

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The former light heavyweight turned middleweight is putting his tenth bout within the organization in the hands of god.

“Belcher is super tough, has good jiu-jitsu and sharp Muay Thai. I trained a lot, and if God wants it, all will work out for me.”

Gouveia made the above statement in a recent interview with UFC.com.

With that kind of mentality, perhaps he should eliminate his strenuous training regimen all together, and start a praying regimen. I mean, if god is deciding who wins UFC fights, why doesn’t religious crusader Kirk Cameron step foot into the Octagon? My point exactly…

He also explained that he isn’t ready to challenge a competitor of Anderson Silva’s skill level, and because of that, wants to get better both “technically” and “psychologically”. Although, frankly, who is good enough to face “The Spider”?

Gouveia described his role in the organization by saying that he considers himself an employee who never thought about ranking, or upcoming opponents…Honestly, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing?


When was Wilson Gouveia born? October 3, 1978. Where? Fortaleza, Brazil. Height: 6 ft 1 in. Weight: 185 lb. Reach: 76.0 in. MMA Record: (12-6). His first UFC fight came as a loss to Keith Jardine. He has also backed out of several scheduled matches due to various injuries. He has a wife named Fernanda. The couple has one son.

Who do you think will win this bathroom break bout? Share your answer with us in the comment section.

Click here to check out some pictures, or watch a video of Wilson Goeveia that was supplied for your viewing pleasure below.

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Photos: Jayson Oldham/Shaan Kokin/www.wenn.com

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