Cheick Kongo is UFC Fighter

December 7, 2009

Fighter Cheick Kongo is set to take on Frank Mir at UFC 107 as the co-main event. Kongo is armed with devastating striking capabilities, and is a walking video highlight real. On the other hand, his opponent is a jiu-jitsu master. Who will win this battle of contrasting technical ability? Read more below.

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This is a huge bout for both competitors! One will stay in contention for the Heavyweight title, while the other wont. This is the all to familiar striker vs. grappler scenario, and fight fans from around the world are waiting to see how it plays out!

Basically it boils down to this, if Kongo keeps off the ground, he should rein supreme. Conversely, if Mir can counter Kongo’s punches and bring him to the mat, he’ll probably end up winning it. Both of these guys are skilled MMA warriors. Meaning this match-up could go either way.

The main event for the evening is BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez, for which I expect Penn will maintain his lightweight title.

Originally the main event was supposed to be Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans, but that battle ended up being 86d after Jackson quit the UFC. However the “good” news is, he’s coming back to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, according to reports.

As a biography:

When was Cheick Congo born? May 17, 1975. Where? Paris, France. What is his fighting record: (14-5-1) Height: 6 ft 4 in. Weight: 105kg. Reach 82 in. He began his life’s work to become an incredible martial artist at the young age of 5. He has been trained in several different styles including Greco-Roman wrestling, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Pencak Silat. He has held numerous titles over the course of his career, with the most recent two being Rings World champion, and King of Coliseum tournament champion; winning both in 2005.

Check out pictures, and a video of Cheick Kongo below.

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