Cleveland Browns Beat Buffalo Bills in Blizzard-Like Conditions

December 16, 2007

In Blizzard-like conditions, the Cleveland Browns beat the Buffalo Bills and went one up on the scoreboard. The temperature was 30 degrees at kickoff, and wind gusts hitting 40 mph. Jamal Lewis plowed for 163 yards and Phil Dawson managed to kick two field goals at those horrible weather conditions, they scored an 8-0 win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

“It wasn’t the coldest conditions I’ve ever played in,” said Browns kicker Phil Dawson, but it was the toughest.”

Today’s victory was a very important win, not only for getting one step closer to the playoffs, but also playing great in these hard conditions which only earns them their second winning season since the team has been back in the league. Their 9th win ties them for their best mark since their return, and they could easily surpass that with two weeks left.

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