Terri Runnels Is Former WWE Diva

December 6, 2009

Former WWE diva Terri Runnels spoke out about the death of Eddie Fatu aka Umaga yesterday. Read more below.

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Runnels, who first made a name for herself as a wrestler, host, and interviewer for the WWF has since reallocated her talents to philanthropy. She has used her brains, brawn, and beauty to help charities such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Children’s Miracle Network, Hermie & Elliot Sadler Foundation, and Autism Speaks, amongst others. Her caring heart has helped countless kids live fuller lives. Not to mention that she has penned several literary works, including an advice book, which has supplied guidance to readers. Those are just a few of the reasons why Runnels insight into the risky world of pro wrestling should be taken into careful consideration.

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According to the former World Wrestling Entertainment hardcore champion, health insurance for wrestlers is four times the price of regular coverage; causing many of them go without it. Furthermore, even though they get paid seemingly good money, for what the job entails it’s “paltry”. That’s because the word pension isn’t in the sport’s lexicon, which forces the audacious entertainers to keep performing “way past their prime”. This leads to more injuries, and since health care is practically nonexistent, there was never any preparation for their well being in the future. Runnels has deemed it an “endless cycle”.

As a biography:

When was Terri Runnels born? October 5, 1966. Where was she born? Live Oak, Florida. Height: 5 ft 0 in. Weight: 100 lb. She made her WWF debut in 1990 under the alias Miss Alexandra York, and retired from the sport in 2004. Her ex-husband is Dustin Runnels aka Goldust. She currently resides in Gainesville, Florida.

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