Mindy Lawton is Tiger Woods 5th Mistress?!

December 6, 2009

Mindy Lawton, Tiger Woods 5th mistress (allegedly), has come forward. Oy. She is claiming that the two had a 14 month affair. Read more about the story below.

Tiger Woods

Both the Daily Mail and News of the World are reporting similar stories regarding Mindy Lawton, Tiger Woods 5th mistress, again, alleged, so without further adieu, here’s her story.

They met in the summer of 2006 at the Perkins restaurant where she worked as a manager/waitress. Tiger and Elin would often have breakfast there, which is not too far from their home in Isleworth, Florida. Soon the two were having sex every two to three weeks in various places – parking lots, at his home (but never in his bedroom), in the shower, etc. Steamy text messages were sent as well, and according to Mindy’s sister, Lynn Lawton, Tiger would sext, ‘Do you want to get laid?’ or he told her that he was ‘dreaming of being inside of her’.

Things came to a halt when, in the spring of 2007, the National Enquirer caught the two together. According to Neal Boulton, they “snapped grainy photos of Woods and his alleged gal pal getting busy in an SUV”. What does Camp Tiger do when they were met with this evidence? They allegedly agreed to let Tiger serve as cover boy for their sister magazine, Men’s Fitness, which is also owned by the Enquirer’s parent company, American Media. Boulton is the former editor-in-chief for Men’s Fitness. He said:

“[American Media CEO] David Pecker knew about Tiger Woods’ infidelity a long time ago. [Pecker] traded silence for a Men’s Fitness cover.”

Boulton left the mag in April of 2007, adding:

“We were going to [do a quid pro quo with] America’s favorite sports star, just to get his name on the cover of a magazine. That was too much for me. That’s when I high-tailed it out of there.”

Pecker denies the allegations brought forth by Boulton and claims that Boulton is a ‘disgruntled former employee’. Tiger immediately stopped all contact with Mindy after they were photographed. The National Enquirer is now being scrutinized for not outing Tiger’s alleged affair with her. She recently sat down with newsoftheworld.co.uk, and gave her account of their affair. You can see pictures and a video of her there as well.

So folks, what are your thoughts on Mindy Lawton, Tiger Woods’ 5th mistress? Leave me a comment below.

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