Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods Update

December 5, 2009

News of Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods (and the other alleged mistresses who have surfaced) has gone absolutely bananas this week. People just can’t seem to get enough about it. We’ll try and give you an update of the crazy week below.

Tiger Woods Rachel Uchitel

Where do we even begin? The golf great’s world has suddenly come crashing down around him, with a wife who has renegotiated a pre-nup agreement, an alleged payout to one woman and now a fourth mistress has come forward and hired herself a lawyer as well. To say life sucks for the golfer is an understatement.

Rachel Uchitel (seen in the picture above, she is the one in the yellow) was first brought to our attention by none other than the National Enquirer. At the time, Rachel was vehemently denying that she had a relationship with Tiger Woods, which allegedly began in June.

Rachel hired high profile attorney Gloria Allred. Allred was seen leaving the office of Woods’ attorney Monday night, suggesting negotiations were underway. On Tuesday, somehow things went awry and Uchitel scheduled a press conference for Wednesday morning. Obviously that scared the boys over at the Woods’ camp, negotiations allegedly were back on track and voila, Allred canceled the Wednesday morning press conference at the last minute. Reports reveal Uchitel was paid out a cool million, maybe more, to silence her. I see an ‘unauthorized book’ or ‘made for TV movie’ in the works, don’t you?

Yesterday, TMZ got a hold of an email that was sent by Byron Bell, a childhood friend of Tiger’s, to Rachel, detailing her flight to Melbourne, Australia, where Woods was conveniently competing in a golf tournament. Bell, coincidentally, is President of Tiger Woods Design.

Now, a fourth mistress has seemingly come forward, but she is yet to be revealed. Girlfriend has hired herself an attorney though…and claims that their affair started in 2004 in Orlando, when she was 20, and it lasted over two years. Oy? How many more women????

So that’s the latest on Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods, peeps. What are your thoughts? Let’s keep the discussion going, and leave me a comment below… Pictures and video to follow.

Tiger WoodsRachel Uchitel Tiger WoodsTiger WoodsRachel Uchitel

Photos: Judy Eddy / WENN.com, PNP/WENN, www.wenn.com

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