Marion Jones Comeback in Basketball Video

December 5, 2009

Marion Jones was the star athlete but everything was overshadowed in 2007 when she confessed in court about her steroids use in the Olympics of 2000 and served a sentence of six months in jail. Now Marion wants so much to return to her life as an athlete, but now wants to do it in Basketball. Continue reading to know more about this story and take a look at the photo and a video below.

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Marion’s sports life began at a young age, when she was just 15 years old she was already at the top of the rankings, giving her the ticket to make her first appearance in the 1992 Olympics. But before Track came Basketball, Marion played for some time while she was at the university, but she eventually discovered Track where she made many achievements like at The Olympics in 1997 in Athens and at Seville in 1998, where she won gold medals in both, while her intentions were to win more than one, and this is what she expressed at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 in which won three gold medals.

Marion married in 1998 to weightlifting athlete C.J Hunter (who was involved in a doping scandal and this also raised suspicions in Marion).
Marion divorced C. J in 2001 and began a relationships with another track athlete, dashing Tim Montgomery, whom she married and the couple become the faster and more famous couple in the world of athletics. Tim and Marion have a son Tim who was born in 2003 and was the reason for Marion’s absence from the track that year. Sadly the couple divorced in 2006.

After the birth of Tim, Marion was centered in the 2004 Olympics but couldn’t perform a good job. Meanwhile the Olympic Committee discovered a new drug called Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) produced by the Swiss laboratory BALCO and a pharmacist from the laboratory reported that (Victor Conte) had taught Marion the use of this drug.

It reappeared in 2006, where she got some good marks, the second in the world ranking at 100 meters. However in June Marion was again embroiled in trouble for testing positive for EPO drug control, although the counter-analysis showed that there had been a mistake.

In late 2006 stated that she was thinking of her final retirement from athletics because she was tired of the continuing suspicions that spread over her.
In October 2007, eventually pleaded guilty of doping during the Sydney 2000 Olympics, returning the five medals she won and being suspended for two years. She, meanwhile, announced she was withdrawing from the sport. At the same time it canceled the results of all competitions played since 1 September 2001, she must return all medals, points and prizes won since. Marion was sentenced to six months in jail, two years on probation, during which she had to meet 800 hours of community service.

Now more than a year after she left prison Marion announces her intention to return to the sports world but this time back to her roots in basketball where she played back in 1997 playing basketball at the University of North Carolina and now plans to join the WNBA after a call from a representative of the NBA. She wishes to participate in the 2010 season. For that reason she has been training and learning more techniques along with the Houston Silver Stars coach.
Although the president of the WNBA did not comment on Marion joining the WNBA, a League representative commented that Marion had been in contact with them.

We will keep a close eye on Marion’s progress in Basketball and we are glad to have her back in sports. After all everyone deserves a  second chance. Marion married Obadele Thompson with whom she has two kids.

Check Marion’s Video below plus some pictures.

Marion Jones Comeback Video

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