Tiger Woods Prenuptial Agreement Rewritten

December 4, 2009

After such an ugly and embarrassing scandal Tiger Woods got himself into, but not without dragging his beautiful former Swedish model Elin Nordegren with him, Elin is sticking up for Tiger but not without making a few changes in the couple’s Prenup. Continue reading to know the rest of this story, photos and video below.

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After the shocking news of Tiger Wood’s infidelity with a certain woman with really arched eyebrows (actually since we heard of the slip of the golfer about three affairs more have surfaced over the past five years) and adding to this the car accident,  that happened over  the past days that supposedly happened because of a discussion that Tiger was having with Elin,I believe you have already seen the photos. Things between the couple have changed and by saying “change “ I mean a Prenup change; but also sources reveal Tiger Woods and  Gorgeous wife Elin are in couples therapy and totally staying together. Such therapy has been held at their home and is done several times daily.

But the latest juicy gossip going on is about how their prenuptial agreement has been “Rewritten”, originally their prenuptial settled that  Elin has to stay married to Tiger up to ten years in order for Elin to collect 20 million, but after Tiger’s affair she is having her attorneys re write the agreement making it utter appealing to her, maybe not too much for Tiger.

Now the Agreement will require fewer years with Tiger and certainly more $$$$ to collect, doesn’t that sounds attractive, I think so.. But what’s the price?

So the new prenup required seven years instead of ten and instead of the 20M she will get over 75 million. Mean while  Tiger is working in a 5 million payout (already been transferred to her personal account), to keep Elin by his side and she will have to agree to maintain her happy and lovely wife image and specially not sharing her side of the story, and this will help Tiger‘s image and his sponsors to keep on with their currents contracts, which seem really unfair for Elin, after all she was the one who got hurt in all this hell around her.

Either way Elin accepts this or not her life and her kids’ life will change dramatically, and not in a good way, just think of the paparazzi and all the media questioning her every time she gets out, which reminded me that’s what happened to Liz Hurley after the Divine/Hugh thing and this sounds craazzy!! What do you think, is it worth the $$$ or not?

Photos of the couple are worth these days over $200,000 and maybe more, since Tiger’s car crash we haven’t seen him anywhere but he commented on his web page “I Have Let My Family Down”, No Kidding Tiger!!


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Check out Tiger and Elin’s Photos and Video below.


Tiger Woods Video

Photos: Brian McEvoy / WENN, Tina Paul / WENN, Daniel Deme/WENN, Carrie Devorah/ WENN, www.WENN.com

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