Paige Hareb: ASP 2009 Rookie of The Year

December 3, 2009

Paige Hareb is a girl from New Zealand who dreamed of becoming a professional surfer and it now seems unreal, even though she started surfing at a very young age. Continue reading to know more about this Surfer rookie plus pictures and video below.

Paige Hareb

Even though World Champion Stephanie Gilmore beat her on the Billabong Pro tour in Hawaii last December, young Paige is a surfer to totally keep your eye on. Her incredible talent has been recognized among the most famous surfer magazines and sponsors like  Billabong, Gallaz, Mount Woodgee Surfboards, Von Zipper, Gorilla Grip, Breakers Cafe’ and Bar, Curl Magazine, FCS and more.

Paige Frances Hareb was born in Oakura Beach, New Zealand on June 6, 1990. When she was about six years old her father Mike and her brother Levi taught her to surf on Mike’s long board at Oakura Beach while her Mother Fiona and sister Rachael watched then on the beach.

This Kiwi surfer who thinks of herself as Naturally  Goofy started surfing since 1999, and competitively in 2001. Paige grew up surrounded by her father’s tales about New Zealand legendary surfer Maz Quinn who was the first and only male in the WTC, and believes that Richard ¨ Ricardo¨ Christie is New Zealand’s new hope in the WTC.

Paige-O, as her friends call her, had her first competition at Primary School National Surf camp where she competed against her rival Airini Mason. Paige and Airini will face each other in the 2010 Woman’s Pro tour in Brazil.

In 2007 she won first place in New Zealand’s Woman’s National open and in the Rip Curl Grom Search overall.

2008 was a great year for Paige, she made her debut at the ASP in Hawaii against the biggest names in surf ( which was one of her dreams). She beat world number two and close friend Sofia Mulanovich on the second round, Stephanie Gilmore beat her in the third but her performance earned her enough points to reach 8th place  in the rankings at the ASP World Tour ( a.k.a”The Dream Tour”) becoming the first New Zealand Girl in the team.

Also in 2008 Paige joined fellow surfers Layne Beachley, Claire Bevilacqua, Stephanie Gilmore, Chelsea Hedges, Sofia Mulanovich and Leanne Curren in the x- Games in Mexico, an experience Paige described as incredible and amazing for her.

In 2009 was her rookie  year in the ASP. Paige, along with her favorite Mt Woodgee 5’7 competed on the ASP World Tour in Australia where she reached the semifinals round and eventually got beaten once again by Stephanie Gilmore, but earned a place in the ASP world rankings as I said before qualified in the world tour next year in Brazil, plus Paige also won the Taranaki junior Spokesperson of the Year Title, she is the first junior to win this title.


But above all her famous and successful career as a professional surfer, Paige is a normal teenage girl who enjoys spending time with her family and friends eating her favorite food ( Mexican and Lebanese), going to the movies – actually The Last Samurai is one of her favorites since she met Tom Cruise while he was filming the movie and gave surf lessons to Connor and Isabella. Paige also loves practicing sports, as a child she used to dream of becoming a professional athlete in any sport or a physiotherapist.

Don’t miss Paige’s incredible videos below.

Paige Hareb Video

I also want to share with you a video of Paige totally ripping in her local New Zealand waves.


Paige Hareb Video in NZ

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