Actress, Model, WCW Wrestler Stacy Keibler

November 30, 2009

Stacy Keibler is an actress, model, and former WCW wrestler. She will also guest star in the upcoming 100th episode of the CBS show “How I Met Your Mother”. Get the entire scoop below.

Stacy Keibler  6

She will appear alongside other guest stars Rachel Bilson and Tim Gunn for the hit sitcom’s hundredth show. The plotline for the episode is that Barney, who is played by Neil Patrick Harris, is on a mission to score with a “hot barteneder” (Keibler). When the dude named after a purple dinosaur finds out that the target bartender doesn’t like men in suits, he has to make a decision. Either he can give up wearing suits to score, or he can keep them and not. According to reports, Harris sings about it too. So you won’t want to miss this special episode that will air on Jan 11.

If you want to find more sexy pictures of the Dancing with the Stars contestant Google is your friend!

As a biography:

When was Stacy Keibler born? October 14, 1979. Where? Baltimore, Maryland. She got her start in the performing arts at an early age taking ballet, jazz, and tap dancing classes. After completing high school, she went on to Townson University, where she maintained a 3.7 GPA. At 18-years-old she already had a spot on the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad. She has been featured in both Maxim and Stuff magazine. During her wrestling days she picked up the nicknames “Super Stacy, “The Legs of WCW,” and “The Legs of WWE”.

Over the course of her career she has made several film and television appearances including Pecker (1998), Bubble Boy (2001), Dancing With the Stars (2006), George Lopez, What About Brian (2007), The Comebacks, October Road (2008), and Samurai Girl.

Check out pictures and a video of Stacy Keibler below.

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