LISTEN: Tiger Woods 911 Call

November 30, 2009

Here you can listen to Tiger Woods’ 911 call that was placed shortly after the automobile accident. In this audio / video you can hear a stressed neighbor talking to a police dispatcher and later to the paramedics as they rushed to the scene of the car crash.

tiger woods 911 call

The world’s top-ranked golfer had a bad auto accident around 2:30 am the night after Thanksgiving day. There is still much confusion about the circumstances leading up to the accident. Reports have surfaced that rumors of an extramarital affair may have contributed to the issue. For now listen to Tiger Woods’ 911 call below and tell us what you think in the comments.

We can provide a transcript as well thanks to the gossip website over on which you are asked to credit for use of the text:

Caller: I need an ambulance immediately. I have someone down in front of my house. They hit a pole. I came out to see…
Police: Is it a car accident?…. Sir, is it a car accident? Sir? Hello?
Caller: It is a car accident, yes.
Police: Okay, and are they trapped inside of the vehicle?
Caller: No. He is lying on the ground.
Police: Ok. Stay on the line for medical. Don’t hang up, ok? And it’s in front of your house, correct?
Caller: Okay [sound of dial tone from transferring 911 call]
Caller in background: Get him some water.
Police: Okay medical is on the line sir, okay?
Paramedics: Fire and rescue. What happened? What’s wrong?
Caller: I have a neighbor who hit the tree. We came out her just to see what was going on. I see him and he is laying down.
Paramedics: An auto accident?
Caller: an auto accident, yes.
Paramedics: Is he outside or inside of his car?
Caller: Outside.
Paramedics: Is he unconscious?
Caller: yes.
Paramedics: Okay can you tell if he is breathing.
Caller: No, I can’t tell right now.
Paramedics: [muffled[ What color is his car.
Caller: It’s a black Escalade.
Background: What’s happened?
Paramedics: Your phone is breaking up. Can you hear me sir?
Caller: Yes.
Paramedics: While I have paramedics on the way I’m just going to stay on the phone with you. If you find out further let me know. I’m going to stay on the phone.
Caller: okay.
Police: Ok, sir. Is he on the ground or is he in the car?
Caller: Yes he’s on the ground.
Paramedics: Are you with him right now?
Caller: Yes.
Paramedics: Tell me how he is breathing?
Police: Hello sir are you there?

At this point in the conversation the emergency response team converses together before concluding that the 911 caller was disconnected.

The Tiger Woods 911 call can be heard below in an audio presentation so listen to the video now.

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