Brittney Griner: American Basketball Player

November 29, 2009

Brittney Griner, American Basketball Player, is making some strong headway and she is only in her freshman year at Baylor! Griner, famous for her skills in dunking, has been in the spotlight since her high school years and continues to do so. Learn more on Brittney Griner here!

Brittney Griner just recently played at the World Vision Basketball Challenge. The Baylor freshman is having a terrific year. “She affects the way everybody plays,” said Louisiana-Lafayette coach Errol Rogers. “She’s going to change the face of the women’s game.”

“Brittney Griner quietly might have been the most valuable player tonight,” Baylor coach Kim Mulkey said. Brittney just draws that much attention. There’s more to this team than just Brittney Griner. And people forget. Look at her. She is a freshman with three people (on her) every time she turns around. What great respect that is.”

As a biography Brittney Griner, American Basketball Player, was born on the 18th of October in 1990. A native of Houston, Texas, Griner grew up with three siblings. She is currently attending Baylor University since her graduation from Houston’s Nimitz High School.

To date her basketball record with the Minitz Lady Cougars has her in high demand. Brittney Griner, who averaged a reported thirty-three points per game, has made Parade Player of the Year and Parade All American. She has also earned herself a spot as Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Player of the Year as well as USA Today Player of the Year.

Brittney Griner has also graced the cover of both Rise Magazine and Slam Magazine in 2008 and 2009. In her hometown of Houston, Briner was celebrated by the mayor for her talents with a Brittney Griner Day!

As a freshman in college Brittney stands out with her incredible dunking ability. In her senior year at Nimitz she drew attention to her skills when she dunked the ball 52 times.

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