Tanith Belbin is Canadian-American Ice Dancer

November 28, 2009

Canadian-American ice dancer Tanith Belbin and partner Ben Agosto have dropped out of next week’s Grand Prix final. Find out the reason why below.

Tanith Belbin

The Olympic silver medalist is as pretty as they come. In fact, she has been placed on the list for the top 50 Hottest Women Athletes by popcrunch.com, but not even her picture perfect outward appearance could save her and her partner from dropping out of the 2009 Grand Prix final.

The extraordinary duo has been a shoe in to win the competition this year and last. However, due to injuries, they had to drop out of both competitions. Last year it was because Agosto was suffering from a back injury, and this year Tanith Belbin had an infected wisdom tooth.
What a shame, because these two can really tear up the ice!

Under doctors orders Belbin has been restricted from strenuous activity for a week after undergoing surgery early last week. Nonetheless, the double act is certain they will be prepared to participate in the U.S. championships in January.

We have a video for you below, but for more amazing skating vids check out YouTube. The site is loaded with them!

As a biography:

When and where was Tanith Belbin born? July 11, 1984 in Kingston, Ontario. Her mother, a costume designer, creates many of Belbin’s get-ups. She got her start skating back in 1998, and never looked back. She has a plethora of medals under her belt including five U.S. championships, three Four Continents championships, and Olympic silver. Another place, other than the U.S. and Canada, which she trained, is Newfoundland.

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Check out pictures, and a video of Tanith Belbin below.

Tanith Belbin   Benjamin Agosto Tanith Belbin

Photos: Katherine Christine/ L. Gallo/www.wenn.com

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