Andruw Jones and the Chicago White Sox

November 28, 2009

Five time all-star Andruw Jones recently signed a very interesting contract with the Chicago White Sox, most recently he was playing with the Texas Rangers. Keep reading to know more about this news, his story, pictures, video and so much more below.

Andruw Jones

This Caribbean baseball player was born on April 1977 in Curacao in the Antilles. When Andrew was just 19 he started playing as a right fielder with the Atlanta Braves. Andrew connected a memorable home run becoming at 19 the first player to make a home run in the world series. For his amazing performance with the Braves he won the Gold Glove Award (the first of nine) and his first All- Star appearance and 30 extra pounds on the scale, and married his long time girlfriend Nicole Derick with whom he has two children, daughter Madison and son Druw.

In 2007, After losing the extra weight Andruw started what would be the best time in his career – he hit 51 home runs and 300 on his personal record, his ninth Golden Glove and in 2008 Andruw said goodbye to the Braves.

His next team was the Los Angeles Dodgers, he started with a two year contract  and then had a weight problem again. Pictures show Andruw with a few extra pounds and it didn’t let Andruw play at his best, and in addition he had a knee injury so Andruw was on the bench and consequently released from the Dodgers in 2009.

Andrew signed with the Texas Ranger for one year for a $500,000 contract, Andruw expressed he did not wish to be  a starter but faith was going to tell otherwise. Josh Hamilton’s injury put Andruw in the starter position, where he played for 82 games.

On November 25 Andruw signed to play in 2010 for the Chicago White Sox, we will have to wait to see Andruw’s performances in the windy city, next year. Nice way to end 2009 and for sure one thing to be really thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Check out Andruw Jones’ photos here plus the video below.


Andruw Jones Video

Photo: Allison

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One Response to “Andruw Jones and the Chicago White Sox”

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    Dorothy Davis Says:

    I wish Andrew luck with his new team, but can’t help but feel his best playing days are over. Just too much weight and too rich to care anymore. That happens to a lot of MLB players.