Alissa Czisny: American Figure Skater

November 27, 2009

Meet Alissa Czisny, American Figure Skater. The Ohio native was recently seen performing at Skate Canada. Learn more about the twenty-two year old Czisny here with video after the jump.

American Figure Skater Alissa Czisny came in second at Skate Canada in the short program. The 2005 Skate Canada champion delivered her performance on the ice to the Mask of Zorro, earning her 63.52 points. Czisny was however defeated in the end by Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette, who earned 70 points.

As a biography Alissa Czisny, American Figure Skater, was born on the 25th of June in 1987. Czisny is an Ohio native from Bowling Green who stands at the height of 5’4″. She currently trains in Bloomfield Hills in Michigan and has attended the Bowling Green State University. A member of the Detroit Skating Club, Alissa has been skating since she was just one and a half years old! Czisny is also a model part time and aspiring actress who started developing her skills on the ice with skating lessons. To date she has been coached by Brian Boitano, Natalie Deller, Linda Leaver, Yuka Sato and Julianne Berlin. Help with her choreography has come from the likes of Lori Nichol, David Wilson and Kurt Browning.

Over the course of her career, thus far, the American Figure Skater has become the 2009 U.S. Champion. Alissa is also a U.S. Collegiate Champion in both 2004 and 2008 as well as a three time medalist in the Grand Prix. In 2007 she scored a bronze medal at the United States Championship after taking home a silver medal as a junior at the 2001 Championships.

When Alissa Czisny isn’t on the ice she spends her time biking, playing the piano, enjoyin ballet, reading plenty of books and rollerblading. Czisny has a twin sister named Amber who is also active in the world of skating.

See video of Alissa Czisny, American Figure Skater, below.

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