Josh McDaniels F Bomb Video, Audio

November 27, 2009

By now you’ve probably heard and seen the Josh McDaniels F Bomb video and audio. The Denver Broncos head coach ripped his players a new one during the Broncos/Giants game broadcast on the NFL Network. Wanna see it/hear it again? We’ve got the video and audio below.

Josh McDaniel

Josh McDaniels’ cursing mouth got the better of the NFL Network last night during the Broncos/Giants game. The network let his F Bomb go through uncensored before cutting to a commercial.

The Broncos ended up having to settle for a field goal after they were penalized near the goal and because of it you can see McDaniels in a clip pissed as all get out at his players, yelling at them, “All we’re trying to do is win a mother****** game.” After that little tirade the network cut to a commercial. Announcer Bob Papa was quick with the apologizes when they came back on air, saying, “We want to apologize for that audio as we went to the last break that got out over the air. We do send our sincerest apologizes for the Josh McDaniels audio that got out there.” Later Eric Weinberger, executive producer for NFL Network, said the incident was a “terrible mistake” and went on to add, “No one heard it as it was said. It would never have been aired. It was at the end of a clip, so we missed it.” Um, that’s a pretty lame excuse, buddy. It would be one thing if that was live, but to not have caught that before it aired? Gimme a break.

When the Broncos coach was asked later about what had happened, he said:

“It’s the NFL Network,. It doesn’t surprise me.”

The Broncos did end up winning, beating the Giants 26-6. Check out the Josh McDaniels F Bomb video and audio below.

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