Juan Martin Del Potro: Profile, Titles and Girlfriends

November 26, 2009

Argentine tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro won this year’s U.S Open, at his young age a very promising future awaits him, but what do we know about Juan Martin? Keep reading to know more about Juan Martin’s profile, photos and video below.

Juan Martin Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro was born in Argentina on 1988, he started playing tennis at a very young age when he was just six, but it wasnt’ until he was 15 that he played professionally, Although he plays  against them, he is also very good friends of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, but his biggest rival is Andy Murray.

Juan Martin began playing in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay when he was only fifteen years old. At 17 he ended the season  in which he peaked in the  157  place at the ATP ranking.
He was just 18 years old when he played his first ATP tournament at the French Open and ascended to the post but lost 92 of the ranking, becoming the youngest tennis player in the top 100 places in the ranking.
2007 was a very hectic year participated in her first Grand Slam win against Alessio di where and also he beat Jurgen Melzer in the Davis Cup but lost to Nadal at the French open.
The next year a back injury forced him to retire some time on the court but returned and partitions on multiple wins tournaments experiment but also where many lost in particular to Roger Federer.
The 2009 year was a very memorable year on which he played Against Marat Safin and won, this was the last game in Marat Safin’s career, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, and earned the champion title in the 2009 U.S. Open, Juan Martin Del Potro currently ranks number 5 in the ATP ranking. Photos of Juan everywhere show the new young champion at the time of his victory.

After winning the U.S. Open, everyone wondered where he got the motivation to beat the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and Swiss Roger Federer as he did. One reason that might explain the amazing performance of Juan Martin del Potro in addition to his ability to play and practice hard by the hand of Franco Davin is that his heart is busy, and  more than happy. Rumors around have said that he was dating Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and then Argentine model Luciana Salazar, but  The owner of his heart is  another Argentine sexy model named Yanina Screpante.

Yanina Screpante  is  the 25 year old model from Cardales Argentina; whose hazel eyes, brown hair, enviable curves and almost perfect: 90-62-92 and rocking personality is what got the tennis champion head over heels since the moment he met her.

She began his career on the catwalks of the hands of Ricardo Piñeiro, but today is one of the most requested of 121 Group, the agency holding the grandson of Mirtha Legrand, Nacho Viale.

While not yet a super model, Yanina began her career at 17 years and is always present in major fashion shows. Her later works were made with Lacoste, Dorina Vidoni, Buenos Aires Haute Couture(BAAM) and Fashion Week in Buenos Aires (BAF Week). Yanina A.K.A La Flaca -like intimate- called by her close friends and family is at the time studying Interior Design. Know for being a woman of simple tastes, she enjoys evenings with her family, or at the pharmacy that her mother runs in Cardales.

The lovebirds have met in the Buenos Aires, one night when  both were at the local popular disco Delp that is highly visited by many  of the most beautiful woman in Agentina.

Yanina is a woman of low profile, even though you can’t tell from her pictures, but loves going out with her friends many of them models, she is one of the guests obliged to events leading brands in Argentina.

Sources have said that Yanina does not talk about her relationship with Juan.

Juan Martin Del Potro 1Juan Martin Del Potro 2Juan Martin Del Potro 3Juan Martin Del Potro 4

We can tell judging from the pictures that the couple are really happy with their love affair. And we are really happy for them too.

Juan Martin Del Potro Video

Photos: Aruna Gilbert/ WENN, WENN,HRC/ WENN, www.WENN.com.

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