Michael Oher: The Blind Side

November 27, 2009

The film The Blind Side, tells the breathtaking story of NFL player Michael Oher, his sad childhood, his struggle as a teenager, the love of a new family in his life and the birth of a new footfall star. Read on to check out this great story video, pictures and more about Michael Oher.

Quinton Aaron

Michael Oher’s life is the plot of the motion picture The Blind Side that was based on John Lee Hancock’s book released in 2006 named The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game the movie features the special appearances of Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Kathy Bates and as Michael, Quinton Aaron ( from Law and Order) plus many NCAA coaches that still work and others that are already retired but that settled their mark in Football history like Phillip Fulmer and Lou Holtz to name a few. The movie was also directed by John Lee Hancock.

Michael’s story begins on May 28, 1986. His mother Denise was addicted to crack and never worried about care for her child and he never knew his father until his senior year in high school when he died.

Michael was separated from his mother due to her addiction and was taken to his first of many foster homes, he  attended 11 schools in a period of nine years, his life was nomadic until he was 16 years old when Tony Henderson welcomed him in his home for a period of  time. Tony acted for Michael so he could attend Briarcrest Christian School that was the same school attended by his son. Unfortunately  he did not get  accepted by the Academic Staff because of  Michael’s  history, although the Briarcrest coach was very interested in Michael.
Because of this refusal Michael came to a particular educational curriculum, and it was during this time in life that led him to Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy’s lives (played by Sandra and Tim) and his life changed forever.

The Tuohys had two children a girl Collins and a boy Sean Jr. who thought of him as an older brother when Michael went to live with them and eventually adopted him. The  Tuohys and specially Leigh Anne was eager to give a better quality of life for Michael, she hired a tutor (Miss Sue played by Kathy Bates on the film) to work hard with Michael and helped improve his grade point average in an impressive manner, graduating from Briarcrest.

Michael received a scholarship from the University of Mississippi while other Universities were interested in Michael among these were the Universities of Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and Louisiana.

Michael’s decision to enter the University of Mississippi caught the attention of the NCAA who thought the Tuohys had adopted  Michael with the idea to involve him with   Mississippi football team, that was the university that Sean and Leigh Anne had attended (Sean played on the basketball team), the NCAA initiated an investigation after Michael’s coach in high school Hugh Freeze also reportedly went to work for UM, after he claimed that there wasn’t any  planned agreement,  it was found that Hugh recruited some players when he was not yet a part of UM.

Michael in turn started at UM as a defense but then changed to left Tackle, he was also named SEC offensive lineman.

In 2008 Michael announced his desire to join the NFL draft, but changed his mind in order to finish his senior year at UM; where he graduated with honors and finished his degree in Criminal Justice this year. Also in 2009, his beloved foster family had the opportunity to share with Michael his integration in the NFL Draft the Baltimore Ravens, the team he plays for at this time.

Sandra BullockTim McGrawQuinton Aaron 1Kathy BatesJohn Lee Hancock

Michael Oher’s The Blind Side is a heartwarming  film that reveals the suffering of a young man and how the love of a family took him in to meet his goals even when no one believed in him.

The Blind Side Video Trailer

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