Jelena Ristic is Novak Djokovic’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

November 24, 2009

With a flawless face, beautiful hair, delicate body and a beautiful smile anyone could think that this charming Serbia girl is a model, but Jelena Ristic is much more than a pretty face. Continue reading to learn more about Jelena, her pictures and cute video.

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Jelena Ristic has been accompanying Novak Djokovic during his last two tournaments – Basel and Paris Bercy, he did won both but what really called spectators’ attention is his stunning girlfriend, Jelena
Jelena Ristic is Novak’s long time girlfriend from Belgrade, Serbia. According to the Novak’s recent interviews they’ve been dating for 4 years and have known each other for a lot longer. Jelena was born on June 17, 1986 making her 24 years old and one year older than her fab beau, although because of her fine features, fresh face and cute smile she looks younger.
Although they have been dating for a while it was until this year or so that we finally got a chance to see this Serbian beauty, you see she just finished her undergraduate degree on the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. They lived together with their poodle Pierre in Monte Carlo where Jelena works  at Tamoil the Libyan oil company (as a human resources coordinator).

There were rumors going on about their relationship being over and Novak getting closer to his friend Maria Sharapova, but in Paris those rumors vanished when beautiful Jelena was at the top of her lungs cheering for her man in the first rows in the company of Novak’s family.

She wasn’t seen on many tournaments with Novak, but on most of those where she appeared – Novak either played semis or finals or won. Lucky charm.. I think so!

When Novak won his first ATP title (Amersfort) she was in the stands, as usual happy and keeping eye contact with Novak, the chemistry between them is amazing and they are not afraid to show it as they have once said, their love is stronger than anything in the world,. Jelena answered to some  ugly rumors about her relationship with Novak, that she was with him not because she wanted to be famous because for her, being in Novak’s heart is what makes her complete. She is with Novak because she is in love and there is no other place in the world she would rather be if it is not with him by her side.

You may find in many of the pictures where she cheers for Novak. She is not like other girlfriends in the stands – she is cheering in all of the matches, we can all feel the connection between Nole and Jelena. Many times Novak looks for her in the box when he is going through tough points in the match and she is always there screaming.

Her gorgeous presence and unconditional love has been Novak’s great support, whether he wins or loses, for Novak winning championships is great but winning Jelena’s heart is the best reward any man could ever ask for.

Tabloids all over the world started rumors about them getting married but they denied such comments. They were spotted in Italy on vacation, the photos of the couple spread around presuming they were on their honeymoon but for them their life is a constant honeymoon either in Italy or wherever life takes them.

They have many projects ahead to make  one of them is their restaurant chain, recently they opened their fourth in Serbia  the restaurant is called Novak’s Cafe & Restaurant. At the opening they hosted approximately 400 guests – among them the Minister of Serbia.

Jelena Ristic photoJelena Ristic PhotosJelena Ristic pictures

Photos: Lia Toby.

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