Michael Vick asked for second chance in letter to judge

December 13, 2007

Michael Vick stated that he is not a bad person or monster and asked for leniency in a 5 page letter to the federal judge. He is currently serving 23 months in prison for a dogfighting conspiracy.

Vick’s handwritten plea ,a five-page letter and several other letters from Michael Vick’s supporters, including baseball player Hank Aaron and former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, were released by the U.S. District Court in Richmond on Thursday.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and am ashamed that my actions hurt animals and allowed animals to be hurt and killed,” Vick wrote. “… Your Honor, I just ask for a second chance. Throughout this entire case, I’ve just tried to be honest,” Vick wrote. “Sometimes I didn’t know how to be and was scared, but eventually I put everything out on the table and left no stones unturned.”

Vick’s attorney Billy Martin said in a statement: “Mr. Vick is much more than the caricature some in the media have chosen to portray.”

Read more of Michael Vick’s letter to the judge.

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