BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez: UFC 107 Main Event (Video)

November 23, 2009

BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez is set to be the main event at UFC 107, which will take place December 12 in Memphis, Tennessee. If the prefight video is any indication of how good this match will be, get ready for an all out battle! Read more below.

BJ PennDiego Sanchez

Who will dominate in this clash of technical ability? Will it be the BJ Penn (14-5-1) or Diego Sanchez (23-2)? As you can see both competitors hold fantastic records, with Sanchez dominating in the experience category. Nonetheless, “The Prodigy’s” last victim Kenny “Kenflo” Florian strongly believes that it will be the man who beat him at UFC 101. What do you think?

Florian explained the reasons behind his opinion in a recent interview, saying:

“I think Diego just doesn’t have the striking to get it done, I don’t think he has the wrestling to get it done, he has phenomenal cardio, phenomenal heart, great ground skills, but I think he’s going to have some trouble with BJ.”

I feel that “Kenflo” made a few good points in this statement. Despite having less experience in the octagon than Diego Sanchez, BJ Penn is the reigning lightweight champ. He is also a walking video highlight real, who has won four straight. Not to mention that he is a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, and has won titles in two different weight classes.

As for the challenger, he is a terrific wrestler and was trained by Jiu Jitsu legend Saulo Ribeiro. Most likely this will be a heck of a match, but we agree with almost every one else, and think that Penn will end up taking it.

Don’t forget to check out pictures and a video below.

Who do you think will win the BJ Penn, Diego Sanchez fight? Tell us in our comment section.

BJ PennDiego Sanchez

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