Rachael Flatt: American Figure Skater

November 22, 2009

Check out Rachael Flatt, American figure skater. Flatt just received a standing ovation at the Skate America Competition last week after competing against skater Yu-Na Kim! Get the details on Rachael Flatt here.

Up against Yu-Na Kim, Rachael Flatt has spoken out about her success after taking the top score in the Long Program. “She (Kim) pushes me to be a better skater. On the first practice I ever had with her, I was intimidated, but I’ve learned that I have to get my work done just like everyone else.”

“Any time you beat a world champion on any day, that’s encouraging,” coach Tom Zakrajsek said about Rachael Flatt’s incredible win in the free skate.

As a biography Rachael Flatt, American figure skater, was born on the 21st of July in 1992. Flatt is a Del Mar, California native who stands at 5’2”. She attended the Cheyenne Mountain High School and has been skating since the age of four years old. To date Flatt has been coached by Tom Zakrajsek, Janet Champion, Eddie Shipstad, Patti Gottwein and Erik Schulz.

“Competing this well at this point of the season is a fantastic feeling. I’m ready for nationals as well as the preparation leading up to it. I think this puts me in a good spot and I’m ready to push hard.”

While in High school, Flatt was an excellent student and athlete. She won the 2008 Cheyenne Mountain High School Athletic Excellence Award. Rachael was also the winner of the Colorado Spring Sports Corporation High School Champion Award, the Presidential Fitness Award winner and a member of the Figure Skating Scholastic Honors Skating Team.

Over the course of her career Rachael Flatt has partnered with Andrew Speroff. In 2004 the duo won the United States Intermediate Title together. Flatt’s other achievements include a silver medal at the 2006 United States Championships and the 2007 Junior Grand Prix.

See video of Rachael Flatt, American figure skater, below.

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2 Responses to “Rachael Flatt: American Figure Skater”

  1. 1
    Al Says:

    Sarah, are you insane? You are misleading the readers. Rachael Flatt did NOT beat Yu-Na Kim at Skate America. Yu-Na WON the competition by 13 points. Yu-Na lost the second day long program to Rachael for her bad condition and the pressure to top her own record.

  2. 2
    Al Says:

    Again Rachael was the SILVER medalist at Skate America. (Yu-Na Kim won the gold.) Readers should read the below Golden Skate article instead of the above misleading one:

    Also, Rachael Flatt, Yu-Na Kim, Ashley Wagner, Mao Asada, all of them are AMATEUR figure skaters, NOT professional. Professional figure skaters are ineligible to compete at those competitions.