Jennifer Kessy: American Volleyball Player

November 23, 2009

Meet Jennifer Kessy, American Volleyball Player. A California native, Jennifer Kessy is in the news as she has come in third as one of the Best Offensive Players. Get the details here with video after the jump.

Volleyball player Jennifer Kessy has come in third as one of the Best Offensive Players. Kessy tied with Brazil’s Juliana Felisberta Silva in the line-up.

Jennifer Kessy and her partner April Ross have reportedly also racked up an estimated $278,200 on the FIVB in 2009. Her career earnings to date have been recorded at a grand total of $546,509.50. Learn more on Kessy and her successful career in Volleyball below.

As a biography Jennifer Anne Kessy, American Volleyball player, was born on July 31st in 1977. Kessy is a California native from San Clemente and is a graduate from the Dana Hills High school and the University of Southern California. She has two brothers named Travis and Ryan.

While attending the University of Southern California, Kessy excelled in volleyball, winning several awards. She was an All American and an All Pac 10 winner who also competes in indoor volleyball as well.

Standing at 6’, Jennifer Kessy, American volleyball player, has found success in her career in both the United States and internationally. She has partnered with the likes of April Ross, Nancy Mason, Rachel Wacholder, Holly McPeak, Jenny Pavley and Heather Lowe.

Jennifer Kessy on becoming Pro Beach Volleyball World Champions…

“Just to win that match at any time is so amazing, and we won it in the World Championship match. This was our goal from the beginning of the season was to win World Champs. We didn’t make to the Olympics last year by a slim margin and this was our goal this year.”

This year Jennifer Kessy has won the FIVB World Championship, held in Norway. In Houston, Kessy secured the AVP title and was crowned “Queen of the Beach” in Las Vegas. You can check out photos of Jennifer Kessy here.

See video of Jennifer Kessy, American Volleyball Player, below.

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