Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch’s Night Out

November 22, 2009

Tottenham’s Slender striker Peter Crouch’s night’s out together with fiancĂ© Abbey Clancy have been an important topic in many magazines in England and others parts of the world. Keep reading to find out more.

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Peter Crouch’s Robotics dance had left an imprint in every celebration in his football games, and in a number of player appearances, last month unfortunately led him to have many problems when pictures of this player, and his fellow team mate in a bar held in Tottenham with glasses and a little dance too daring, Peter finished his celebration as a very bold in the output rising over the sunroof of his car continuing his dance steps and reached the hands of manager Harry Redknapp.

The pictures made Redknapp and Fabio Capello (England Coach) very angry when they saw pictures of their players with their costumes in bad shape after celebrating late into the night, after his victory with his club.

The consequence of this dance sequence fortunately did not lead to many problems to Peter but to a long talk with his coach in which he was absolutely prohibited to visit bars, clubs and pubs, and of course get drunk. Most importantly, this time for  both of the coaches is to keep energy and concentration of their players in the game.

As we saw the player last night in a quiet and romantic evening with his fiancée Abbey Clancy, on which judging by the photos they looked very caring and relaxed. Abbey was wearing a very sexy red dress and leather, you can imagine how attractive she looked.


Peter, for his part, dressed in a very casual gray suit, which accentuated his  slender figure. Photos of the love birds showed them having a good time, laughing and very affectionate once they were in their car. Peter and Abbey announced their engagement in July after four years together. In turn Abbey has been in many tabloids for her short courtship with Jason Statham and her horrible comments about a certain  sandwich she ate with something I rather not  comment, and let’s not forget the problem with clothing as that makes the paparazzi went wild.

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Other players who have had little problems in their going outs and drunkenness are Ledley King, David Bentley. At the time of King’s incident coach Harry Redknapp, placed an alcohol ban on his players.

Couldn’t help it!! take a look at Peter’s Robot dancing video

Photos: Will Alexander / WENN, Flashburst/WENN,  Lia Toby/WENN, Simon Buirchell/ WENN,

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