Roger Clemens hit hard in Mitchell Report

December 13, 2007

The Mitchell Report is released, All-Stars were named, one for every position. The greatest pitcher of his era Roger Clemens was hit hard in the report. Tejada, Bonds, Pettitte, Sheffield, Gagne were also named.

Roger Clemens is on the all-time list with 354 victories, a seven-time Cy Young Award winner, All-Star with a lock for the Hall of Fame. But now, Clemens is famous for one of the biggest users of Steroids . His name is the biggest that was linked by George Mitchell to illegal use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. The Mitchel Report is 409-pages long and identified 85 names to differing degrees, but, while Clemens denied it through his lawyer, he was the main symbol.

Clemens really was hit hard as he was singled out in nearly nine pages and had 82 references by name. Much of the information and accusations came from Ex New York Yankees major league coach Brian McNamee.

Here is the full Clemens Exerpt

# Page 171: “During the latter part of the [2000] regular season, McNamee injected Clemens four to six times with human growth hormone he received from [Kirk] Radomski…McNamee believed it was probably his idea that Clemens try human growth hormone.

# Page 172: “Clemens advised him in August 2001 that he was again ready to use steroids. Shortly thereafter, McNamee injected Clemens with Sustanon or Deca-Durabolin on four to five occasions … McNamee was not retained by the Yankees after the 2001 season … and McNamee has no knowledge about whether Clemens used performance enhancing substances after 2001.”

The other players that are named ( click on name to get to exerpt):

Andy Pettitte

Miguel Tejada

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Mitchell Report

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