Chris Spielman is Former NFL Linebacker

November 20, 2009

Chris Spielman, a former NFL linebacker, gave up playing football to aid in his wife Stefanie Spielman’s fight against breast cancer. She died today at the age of 42. Read more below.


Chris is the type of guy who always shied away from taking credit for his heroic actions to help prevent breast cancer. Rather, he always just let his actions speak for them self, and they do.

He found out that his late wife was stricken with the illness 12-years ago after she discovered a lump on her breast. She then began chemotherapy, and began balding as a result. In a courageous effort to support her Chris shaved his head. When people insisted that it was a “great thing” that he was doing, his response was:

“It would be a terrible thing if I didn’t.”

The couple earned in excess of $6 million for research to fight the disease. The funds were then allocated to Ohio State University, where Chris was a football star during his college years. The Spielmans have received multiple awards for their noble efforts.

Her four children Madison, Noah, Macy, and Audrey survived Stefanie.

As a biography:

When was Chris Spielman born? October 11, 1965. As a teenager he attended Washington High where he received awards for both his athletic ability and scholastics. He was drafted into the NFL in 1988, and played eight seasons for the Detriot Lions. He has also enjoyed a successful career as a sports broadcaster for both radio and television. Earlier this year he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

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