Ireland’s Dream of Germany 2010 is Gone

November 19, 2009

Ireland’s dream to participate in the Germany 2010 World Cup is gone after a goal and an obvious hand. Read more about this terrible news below.

Thierry Hernry

The French captain admitted his failure in the play that marked the passing of the French to the 2010 World Cup. The Barcelona striker said the incident "does not alter the fact that I’m happy because we have classified. The controversy was settled in Europe with the classification of France to South Africa 2010. The French removed  Ireland with a controversial goal from Gallas, who was empowered by Thierry Henry after committing an obvious hand in the visitors area.

Judge Martin Hansson and none of his colleagues saw the obvious fault in minute 103, when extra time was played. However, Thierry Henry admitted that the play was flawed but was not sorry.


Everything was going great, the stadium was full of spectators and important personalities even Zizou (Zinedine Zinade) was there, the play was going great for Ireland who dominated the entire match, but everything was about to make an unexpected twist…. With just 13 minutes running on the timer in the first extra time when a long pass arrived clearly to Henry, actually a double hand by Henry touched the ball in the penalty area before getting to Gallas that put them 1-1 against Ireland. Although Ireland Goalkeeper Shay Given and coach Giovanni  Trapattoni protested to the referee, nothing could change the decision not even the comment assistant coach Liam Brady made about how sad that day has been in football history; the point counted and the decision has  already  been made Ireland’s dreams were torn and France wasn’t in the mood for a celebration. Coach Giovanni Trapattoni felt terribly sad about his team disqualification arguing how he felt that the referee could have made the time to question Henry about his handball, and probably he would admit it, it was really disappointing for Trapottoni who would rather end up in a penalty shot than see their dream vanish in such an unfair play.

France woke up today with an atmosphere more like a defeat: the hand of Thierry Henry not sanctioned and very poor performance of "Les Bleus" did not allow the French to celebrate and take pride in their World Cup qualifying in South Africa. The depression was so evident that  the people in the streets  didn’t wear tricolor but green and white thanks to the very many Algerian immigrants, who held their own as they deserved to go the World Cup, after 24 years after beating Egypt in Sudan and felt really uncomfortable with France’s situation  considering how catastrophic their play was ending up taking the ticket to Germany from Ireland.

The dire performance led by Raymond Domenech and the apparent double hand committed by Thierry Henry in overtime, which allowed William Gallas 1-1 draw the game against Ireland and seal the classification are the topics of the day.


Even local political representatives thought it necessary to speak.

"The French people are worried and disappointed," said Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Sport, said that the team was "completely suffocated" and sent a message to  Domenech (who is been severely criticized) to do something about this terrible situation 

Local  newspaper in France L’Equipe did not hesitate to call his player’s action with a "La Main de Dieu (The Hand of God), to paraphrase the explanation of the Argentine Diego Maradona’s most famous hand in the history of football made on Mexico in 1986 against England.

The morning described as "catastrophic" the game displayed by your selection and suggested that Domenech should not be the coach at the World Cup.

"This result is far from clear last night created bad feelings," says the paper, which generally makes critical in ensuring that in 14 months of qualifying, the team did not play a single game to a convincing international level. "The question of whether to keep the coach in his post is legitimate."

In his particular style, Domenech defended the value of what was accomplished: "When you go to college, nobody asks you if you got your grades with honors or not. And you can register. We are registered".

The "villain" Henry made a show of pragmatism. "Of course it was his hand. But most importantly we are classified" he said.

Raymond DomenechWilliam Gallas 1Giovanni TrapattoniShay Given

The fans that were expressing their feelings in several national media did not share his (Henry) point of view, feeling really embarrassed, dishonest and especially really sorry to call themselves French. 






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