Ronnie Brown’s Injury: Out For The Year

November 19, 2009

Unfortunately after his game on Sunday against Tampa Bay, Miami’s running back Ronnie Brown suffered an injury that leaves him off the playing field for a year.

Ronnie Brown

The Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown will miss the remainder of the current season in the NFL, to be placed today on the injured reserve list, said a source from the League.

The graduate of Auburn University (he majored in communication), who is a vital part in the Dolphins’ wildcat offense, injured his right foot during Sunday’s 25-23 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brown left the stadium on crutches and left the field leaning on guard Nate Garner and fullback Lousaka Polite. "I have a small swelling on the foot from the ankle," Brown said.

"Other than that, I can not say much more. Initially I thought it was an ankle injury. At present we do not know where it is located. We’ll see what happens next." The Florida franchise later confirmed the move in a press release.

It is really sad that after the great game the Dolphins had, it didn’t end up too good for Ronnie, especially if we remember what a spectacular season he had, who would think that what was thought as a minor injury was the reason for this impressive athlete to miss the rest of the season, we didn’t think it was that bad and neither did Ronnie.

`“Obviously, I can’t really talk about it right now,” Brown said. “We’ve still got to do some tests and see what happens. We did some X-rays. I don’t think it’s too bad.”

On Monday Ronnie made no comments about his condition, and neither did coach Tony Sparano, the only comment he made was “ We have to prepare for all the scenarios“.

Later after news outlets reported that Ronnie’s foot injury placed him on injury reserve. Ricky Williams will replace him and will for the first time this season be the starting tailback. He will also become the first option if the Dolphins are the wild cat formation. The 32 year old running  back that keeps in really good shape plays like if he is ten years younger, some of his teammates and his coach relate this to the way that Williams takes care of his health and that some considered rare in the NFL standards.
Ricky Williams the Dolphins backup running back knows the responsibility he has on his shoulders, despite being a seasoned runner. "It’s my job now," he said. "Obviously I have to carry the ball a little more."

Ronnie Brown is just 27 years old, and was until now the most productive offensive player for the Dolphins with eight touchdowns  and 648 yards on 147 carries, made during the nine games played this season in the NFL. He was for sure  living one of the best moments in his professional career, but the really difficult thing here is that this is the second time Ronnie misses the final games for an injury, the first time was in 2007  where he injured his knee, what I am saying is that two injuries in such a short period of  time does not look good on his resume, his contract will be finished soon and he might become a free agent, let’s hope and pray his body heals perfectly so his future will be secure, because with his young age and great talent it seems he still can have many victories for  years to come.

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On the latest news regarding Ronnie and the Miami Dolphins it has been settled that the rookie Nate Ness from the team’s reserves squad will replace Ronnie Brown, Nate played with the Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets.

Photos: Aurna Gilbert/ WENN,

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