Oscar Nominated Actress Now Tennis Player Elisabeth Shue

November 18, 2009

You got that right! Beautiful Elisabeth Shue is now at the age of 46 following her dream of playing tennis. Not just for fun but to really become a professional tennis player, and she said that she is considering tennis a second career.

Elisabeth Shue

“It’s always been a dream of mine. I don’t think I’ll be playing at the US Open, but, by September, I’d like to be competing professionally, even at the lowest level. I’ve been training so hard, now I feel like more of a tennis player than an actress,”

I remember watching Elisabeth in Karate kid where she played soccer or in Cocktail with Tom Cruise doing some gymnastics and she in fact looked very athletic. When I heard about Elisabeth training I thought soccer now with her latest movie Gracie and because she used to play when she was just a teenager, but it didn’t cross my mind tennis was the sport she was longing to pursue.

But coming from her it is logical that after these years she is doing this. Did you know that Elisabeth attended Harvard but dropped because of her acting career but she came back to finish her government degree years later. So why would tennis be the exception with Elisabeth?

Mother of two and beloved wife of movie and television series director Davis Guggenheim; Elisabeth Shue recalls she started playing eight years ago after having her daughter Stella, but at her age it is a bit hard to get to that level where she feels comfortable with her playing style.

It is because of this the reason why she is going to play some Opens, some 4.5`s to get experience and get to that comfortable stage.

What Elisabeth enjoys the most is being able to beat guys; especially her baby brother Andrew Shue (remember Billy from Melrose Place?) who besides his acting career is a former Major league soccer player.

She describes her playing as attacking because of her age she can afford and other, she just wants to strike quick, compact, come to the net and put the ball away.

Elisabeth’s favorite tennis players are Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal because of how different they are and how those differences make their game extraordinary, Although she is retired she adores Justine Henin she loves that she is so versatile and even though like Elisabeth she is small she could play against a taller player and still win.

Elisabeth Shue 1Elisabeth Shue 2Elisabeth Shue 3Elisabeth Shue 4Elisabeth Shue 5

Lets wait and see when dear Elisabeth gets comfortable in her game and gets the experience she wants, so we can enjoy and support her in the sporting arena.

Photos: Fayes Vision / WENN.com, Aruna Gilbert / WENN.com, SJG / WENN, www.wenn.com, www.wenn.com

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