Latin America cries For Antonio De Nigris

November 18, 2009

On Monday November 16th, 31 year old Mexican soccer player Antonio De Nigris dies from a heart failure, Antonio “ El Tano” De Nigris left behind his wife Sonia  and  4 year old daughter Miranda.

Antonio de Nigris

Antonio De Nigris began his athletic career in tennis; he actually won a championship as a young kid, but in Mexico soccer or football as Latinos call it is a sport that is born in you at birth and continue blossoming for the rest of your life.

Antonio De Nigris  started his career in soccer in his hometown of Monterrey ( where his younger brother plays at this time), he also played for Club America, Club Universidad Nacional, Puebla and Pumas, all of them in Mexico before going international where he first played in Spain clubs like Villarreal, Poli Ejido, to later move to south America soccer team Once Caldas in Colombia, then he went a little south to Brazil to play with soccer club Santos, later on he went to Turkey where he played with three clubs Gaziantepspor, Ankaraspor and Ankaragücü  from 2006 to 2009, his final team was Greek soccer team AE Larisa.

The autopsy on Antonio De Nigris’ body revealed he died from a heart failure  as a result of a heart congenital heart defect, a thickening of the heart muscles that was diagnosed years ago when he played in Mexico. And also he was told about this condition in the medical test done by the Ankaragürü  medical team.

“Early in the season before starting the preparation we had cardiologic tests all the players and certainly de Nigris, he had been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, a thickening of the heart muscles. He had commented and had said that risks to people over age 30 are multiplied in case of this disease, and he said it in Mexico and had been diagnosed with certain types of problems of this nature but went on to play in the national team and that for him there was no problem. Antonio de Nigris was a death knowingly.”

“Mexico  has the ticket to South Africa and like all Mexican players, I want to play the World Cup. I will continue fighting, working, for which I take into account. I want to be prepared to seize the opportunity when it arrives. I do not feel at a disadvantage with other Mexican players, because I know that when the goals start to fall, being in business and with the game I have in the Larisa got that chance. I just have to make any impression on my team”.

Apparently Antonio died in his sleep, but sources said that Antonio woke up around three a.m with a chest pain and his wife called an ambulance but he didn’t make it to the hospital.  It is uncertain where and when the funeral is going to be held, but at the moment teammates and friends gather in the Alcazar stadium with flowers, candles, and prayers in honor Of Antonio De Nigris.

His death is a great loss for the  soccer  community  around the world. His  family, friends and fans will keep the image of Tano´s great attitude, sense of humor  and wonderful playing style in their hearts. We will miss you amigo.

Our sincere condolences to his wife Sonia, daughter Miranda, family and friends.


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