And the Miss Basketball Crown Goes to…

November 17, 2009

Lithuanian Women Basketball League sought an alternative way to promote the female competition in that European country. Lithuanians believe that women playing in their local clubs tournaments are the most beautiful in the basketball world. To prove it the League, together with newspaper Lietuvos Rhyton, did photo sessions with the most beautiful girls from seven professional teams in the elite. The website created for Miss Basketball which you can access here “gives the fans a chance to vote for their favorite girls in the League.


The sexy photos were shot by the most famous photographers in the country and the hair and make-up is done by the stylists of the Lithuanian Dancing Stars show. The strategy was declared a success and proved that a little sexy gives a lot of attention to a sports event. Basketball is considered the #1 sport in Lithuania and the country had world famous players like the NBA Arvidas Sabonis.

Meanwhile in America the girls are serious when they talk about Miss Basketball as the title here is not associated with sexy photos, but with lots of hard work during the summer camps that ends with a hotly contested showcase. The Showcase features 64 summer teams from 15-20 states. Nearly 200 college coaches from 28 different states scout the event each year. The next Miss Basketball Showcase College Exposure Tournament will be in Nebraska, 2010.

The American basketball players are as sexy as their counterparts in Lithuania, plus our girls are much better on the basketball court where the real players clash.

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One Response to “And the Miss Basketball Crown Goes to…”

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    gjdagis Says:

    Nothing personal but I’ve been to Lithuania and they have the most beautiful women in the world !