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November 15, 2009

Since November 9 we were able to enjoy reading Andre Agassi´s stunning Memoir in his book Open: it took him two and a half to three years and millions of words to come with this amazing story of his life from childhood to the man he is today.

Andre Agassi Book Open

Some people might be asking why at this point of life, but as he explained: “because I want people know the real Andre the person not just Andre the former tennis player.” Did you know that Andre started playing tennis at a very young age, but he didn’t like it, in fact he hated it and still does, his father made him learn. He recalls “Nobody asked me if I want to play tennis, let alone make it my life”. When Andre wrote this book his father let him know he wasn’t planning in reading it, he argues that he already knew all the process it took for Andre to become the tennis player he was, because he was there all the way, and if he had the opportunity to do it all over he will, except he wouldn’t choose tennis he will rather choose other sport like soccer or baseball.

Andre´s book Open reveals all the details about his tumultuous relationship with his father plus his failed marriage to Brooke Shields, where he remembers:

“ I knew the marriage was doomed when she made him wear lifts in his shoes so she could wear high heels on their wedding day”.

Also his brief relationship with Barbra Streisand, his incredible come back, how he became the oldest man ever ranked number one, his hair loss and how uncomfortable and embarrassing it was for many years to hide this situation and how many times when he would not wear a cap he would have to use a hair piece with a headband, plus how his loss of confidence drowned him more and more into depression and how this situation took him in the hands of alcohol, lighting fires (pyromania) to ease the pain and finally crystal meth. “ I knew the marriage was doomed when she made him wear lifts in his shoes so she could wear high heels on their wedding day”.

Andre recalls how after his depression took his deeper , and how Stefanie Graf encouraged him in his spectacular resurrection, Andre Agassi talks about his beloved mother Betty who like her sister is a cancer survivor, wise coach, warm trainer, faithful brother and close friend Gil Reyes, and all the people who help him regain his balance and when he believed love was a lost case for him he find it with his colleague Stefanie Graf. Her love and incredible faith in Andre inspired him to fight through tremendous pain on his spine. His impressive farewells was one of the most difficult and hard decision in his career and one of the most memorable. Andre also tell readers about how fulfilling is for him his foundation named Andre Agassi foundation whose mission is public education to children and teenagers engaging in policy, partnership and practice that provide the best education and great opportunities to these young kids.

Andre Agassi´s Book Open will make readers thirsty for more, for it also will give readers a new perspective to have upon Andre Agassi the son, the athlete, the man, the husband and father, and last but not least Andre Agassi the humanitarian. I am pretty sure that like many people who already read the book will treasure Andre´s words in their minds and heart for a very long time.

Andre Agassi Book Open 5Andre Agassi Book Open 4Andre Agassi Book Open 3Andre Agassi Book Open 2

Open comes with 16 photographs and memories that will bring tears, laughter and strength to your life. Check out the Promo Video of his book below.

Photos: Dominic Chan/, Judy Eddy /, Chris Connor / WENN,

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