Miguel Cotto The Angel’s Biggest fans

November 15, 2009

Miguel Cotto’s wife Melissa and children Miguel III and Alondra are his biggest fans, their love and happiness is what makes this Boricua the man and athlete he is today, Puerto Rican Boxer Miguel Cotto, with his serious expression, dedication and tight abs, is living one of the most memorable times of his professional life.

Miguel Cotto

Not only is he the ultimate boxer of this year in Latin America, but this fight brought hope and joy back to millions of Latinos that end up devastated after Pacquiao took the title from America’s golden boy (Oscar de la Hoya), the fight against Manny Pacquiao was an excuse for families and friends to gather and enjoy the amazing performance of two incredible talents. Ardent fans were supporting Miguel ever since his fight was announced and even thought he didn’t win Latinos were overjoyed for Miguel.

Miguel Cotto’s career has been since the beginning filled with success in his early beginnings; he fought a total of 123 fights and he won 100, after he left the light weight title and moved to welterweight he had 33 fights, he won 32 of them. Miguel has been a six time champion in AMB welter weight, after all boxing is in his genes. His father, brother, cousin and uncle were boxers as well. Miguel has always been so fortunate to have the support and love of his beloved family since his earlier beginnings in lightweight and later on in welter weight: they have been by his side, celebrated with him in his victories and awards and suffered when his career was in jeopardy after his car accident. Latinos around the globe have been following Miguel’s career really close, and his fight with Manny was an absolute celebration for all, he did an amazing job. If we are talking about faithful support Melissa is no exception, although she cries in almost every of her young husband’s fights, she stands for her husband. She recalls how overwhelming and totally upset it was for her when she took her kids to watch Miguel in his fight against Margarito, her son Miguel III is Miguel Cotto’s most loyal fan and Alondra is his most cheerful cheerleader.

On this “It was something we did not expect,” Melissa Guzman said, recalling how her husband was seeing on the ring bloodied. Visibly affected, she said it was a painful experience. “Not so much by the defeat because this is something he can recover again. But by the blows, because you know the pain and sacrifices made in life and your health is more important,” said Cotto’s wife tearfully.

But what struck her most was his youngest son Miguel. “He worships his father,” she said, describing how her child thought of Miguel could not be controlled. During the bout, Melissa was trying to comfort their children, all steeped in tears. To calm the younger son of Cotto, the young mother told him that “Daddy was going to be fine, that daddy was going home after that,” she recalled. “But they were watching the fight regardless of what I say,” she said visibly shaken.

Indeed, the youngest son, Miguel “Jun Jun”, replied once the fight finished: “Daddy is not right. Daddy’s not coming.” “That was me, because that fight was always going to be recorded and it really was very difficult, “, Melissa Guzman.

Despite this, Cotto’s wife hopes that the former champion will emerge victorious and gambled that a promising future awaits you. “Miguel is going to replace the defeat and will come stronger.”

And like Melissa, Miguel Cotto’s family and fans know that this fight will not make him slow down, but make him stronger, so better watch out!! Melissa’s support and love will be with Miguel Cotto on this and every fight his career takes him, sometimes there will be defeats others victories but overall he is a true inspiration not just for Latinos but for many people.

Miguel and Melissa founded “El Angel” foundation, this non- profit foundation that helps children from ages 5 to 18 against obesity (Miguel fought this battle as a child ).

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Photos: Mary Ann Owen/WENN.com, PNP/WENN.com, www.wenn.com

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