Alizee Paradis: Hottest Female Athlete of the Decade?

November 14, 2009

Meet Alizee Paradis – A tennis player who is in the running for the title of Hottest Female Athlete of the Decade. It doesn’t hurt that the bodacious brunette is a model, and has appeared in numerous “sexy” pictures. Read more below.

Alizee Paradis

Not only is the Quebec City native super hot, but also she is talented on the tennis court. Last year was her senior year at University of Cincinnati, where she flourished as the captain of the tennis team. As you can see this gal has some skillz!

Just look at the picture up top. She has that bad girl thing down to the tee. I wonder what she is pointing up to in the sky though?

So here’s the deal. Busted Coverage is running a Hottest Female poll, and Alizee Paradis is among the nominees. This isn’t her first poll experience either, just look at the pictures that we have provided down below.

As a biography:

When and where was she born? Quebec City on June 19th 1987. She began her training as an athlete from an extremely young age, and even attended a sports school. As a teen she was a topnotch skier as well as tennis player. She didn’t learn English until she was 17-years-old. She received a degree in Finance from UC, and after graduating transitioned over into the world of modeling.

Readers, help us out. If you are aware of any info that wasn’t mentioned in our bio, please share it with us in the comment section.

Check out pictures and video below.

What is your opinion? Is Alizee Paradis the “Hottest Female Athlete of the Decade”?

Alizee Paradis 1 1Alizee Paradis 2Alizee Paradis 3Alizee Paradis 4Alizee Paradis

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