NBA: Give up 23, Michael Jordan Bored

November 14, 2009

So the word of the day from the NBA: Give up 23 so that Michael Jordan’s legacy as the greatest NBA player in history will be maintained. Read the full story here and comment below on this stupid idea. Poor MJ. Doesn’t he have enough attention already?

nba give up 23
Who Does He Think He Is?

There is an effort underway to get every NBA player who wears number 23 to return it to the club. An entire league with a retired #23 jersey is the idea. The idiot Lebron James is leading the effort just because. What do I think of it as a girl?

I hate the idea. It’s bad enough looking at all those silly jerseys for my own team hanging from the rafters and nodding when the boytoy points. I’ve only vaguely heard of most of the losers. Especially when you go back a couple decades the obscurity gets a little ridiculous. I mean who really cares about Elgin Hayes in 2009?

Read more about this really dumb idea here. Or if that article bores you as much as me, you might try reading this idiot or these people.

The idea of seeing Michael Jordan’s jersey number hanging from the rafters at the Oakland Arena is ludicrous. The Warriors suck enough. Who needs to be reminded by disallowing our lousy players from wearing the number 23 jersey of Michael Jordan? I say rub it in the face of Bulls fans that we don’t care about that golfing boob.

That’s only the first problem. The second problem is what the hell to do with the second coming of MJ. Are we to retire the jersey of every generational player who comes around? What about the next Koby? What about the next Shaq? What about Kareem or Wilt?

No thanks. Who would wish that burden on our children to retire future numbers for every team. They have enough burdens already. Just getting a job is enough so I don’t have to pay for their damn college education.

Enough of the idea! Says the NBA: Give up 23. I say give up the NBA. Go Sharks! Besides he wasn’t all that great. All hype, just see the video.

NBA Give Up 23 Hype Video
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53 Responses to “NBA: Give up 23, Michael Jordan Bored”

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  1. 1
    Michaelisthegreatest Says:

    What can you say? Michael Jordan was the greatest show on earth. His games were Shakespearean in nature. It was like watching a soap opera enfold before your eyes, every moment with its new twist and turn, and no one has delivered such a moment before or since. Michael Jordan is truly the greatest athlete on the planet.

  2. 2
    chitown Says:

    Risemoon, obviously you’re a michael jordan hater and don’t know nothing about basketball. Jordan the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3
    The J Ril Show Says:

    It is obvious that not only is this Risemoon person is a boob, but has no clue about the game of basketball and apparently is too young to have an opinion on this subject matter. That would explain this ridiculous article.

  4. 4
    Dale Horton Says:

    This must be your time of the month Risemoon, or maybe you have a permanent condition. I am no expert on your condition just as obviously you are not on basketball, but try some maximum strength Pamprin.

  5. 5
    Punkin42249 Says:

    If Lebron gives up his #23 he is going to switch to #6. Does Lebron even know who Bill Russell is? (11 NBA titles in 13 years)

  6. 6
    mike Says:

    Whoever wrote this is a dumb ass and do not know what they are talking about… This is what is wrong with the internet.. it gives stupid people a place to be really dumb

  7. 7
    SportzFreak Says:

    Michael Jordan was the greatest athlete to ever play the game of basketball. As for retiring no. 23, I’m all for it. I find myself very fortunate to have lived during the Jordan era, just to see him play over those past glorious years with other greats such as Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Kevin McHale, all of whom were great players but mere shadows compared to Jordan.

  8. 8
    Briseida Says:

    It’ the first time that I visit your homepage and the last one.I find you simply frustrated as you talk about that way.What happen? I’m no fan of anyone but I dont understand why you have to talk or express that way about a person.Any person.Please If you personally dont like him, FINE, but you dont have to call him or anyone an idiot.I think the idiot is you from putting you to write in this page.If you don’t nothing about basketball, please at least read all the facts.Because he IS a truly great player .

  9. 9
    UncleBone Says:

    Calling someone the greatest basketball player ever means absolutely nothing people, get a life!

  10. 10
    Mary Says:

    To the person who commented in Comment #6
    Your reply to retiring Michael Jordan’s #23 is as stupid as you are. What better way to honor a man who bought so much pleasure to watching basketball than Michael Jordan. Michael showed us if you have a job “just do it” like when he played the game with the flu that one season. I thought that was an inspiration to everyone in the world and something to teach our young folks today….

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