Mike Singletary, 49ers Savior, Villain

November 13, 2009

It’s debatable whether or not this was a good call by coach Mike Singletary – 49ers QB Alex Smith was facing 4th-and-1 when he was given the green light to go for it. Chicago stopped the play dead in its tracks on their own 46-yard-line. Read more below.

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Yesterday’s game was crucial for both the Chicago Bears (4-5) and the San Francisco 49ers (4-5). Coming into the game with equally below average records, they were competing for the all so coveted .500 mark.

I’ve never seen Jay Cutler play so horrifically. A matter of fact he set a personal record for most interceptions thrown in a single game with five. His final interception came on the last play of the game, which enabled SF to break a four-game losing streak.

On the other hand Frank Gore looked pretty sharp running for 104 yards and a TD.

This was Smith’s first victory since early in the 2007 season.

Despite the victory, Mike Singletary was put on the hot seat for a questionable call to go for it on 4th-and-1. The head coach made this statement:

“That was not a very good decision”

He then went on to defend the play call a little by saying:

“I want my offensive line to know that if we have half a yard (to go), I expect them to get it.”

What are your thoughts on the performance of Mike Singletary’s 49ers on Thursday?

Check out pictures and a video below.

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6 Responses to “Mike Singletary, 49ers Savior, Villain”

  1. 1
    Donn Says:

    It’s Singletary’s style. He is the head coach, who will make mistakes BUT his “explanation” is grounded in BELIEVING in his players. Call him what you want but remember this is his first full season as a head coach and, as he demonstrated last year, he is no-nonsense, old school which is great for a floundering team that, finally, is showing signs of becoming a contender again.

  2. 2
    Scott Says:

    I agree with Donn. The talent to win is there, they need the confidence in themselves to believe they will win. An for all those who say Cutler lost the game, stop crying. The Niners made the plays when needed to, plain and simple!

  3. 3
    daniel morgan Says:

    that failed 4th and less then 1. showed how weak of O-line the 49ers have. that is why they don’t make playoffs. the up coming draft will be first 3 picks should be o-linemen plus what ever is avialable free agent wise as i don’t really see too many that would come here. that would be great help.

  4. 4
    Doc Says:

    Minor issue. The Bears were 4-4, 49’s were 4-5. B

  5. 5
    Doc Says:

    Sorry, did not complete my comment before web site took off and posted! As the first guy said, respect the call, understand the Coach as a take no prisoners guy. I am a Bears fan and not happy but you have the heart of a champion leading the 9ers. He may call it different in a couple of years, but I respect the call and the confidence that message sends to his O line. I expect you to make that first down!

  6. 6
    Danny Says:

    This was a really tough game for our Niner’s.If Alex can step up to the Niner’s game plan we have a chance to take in some more win’s..We need the coach more then ever now..He has to get the Niner’s in that winning spot again..I feel he can do just that….