Dustin Reader Bengals Haircut (Photos)

November 13, 2009

Dustin Reader, Bengals fan extraordinaire, paid homage to his fave football team by sporting a haircut with a “B” and stripes cut into his hair, fashioned like the Bengals helmet. Unfortunately, the 8th grader was suspended when he showed up at school with the ‘do.


Poor kid. Garfield Middle School, which is in Hamilton, Ohio, felt that the haircut violates their conduct code, which includes “extreme and distracting haircuts and hairstyles.”

For Dustin Reader, Bengals pride is important to him. James Reader, his father, said:

“This is a way for him to express pride in the Bengals’ putting up a winning season. It’s not racist, not drug-related, not gang-related or anything like that. It’s about football.”

Reader’s parents were aware of the code of conduct, but didn’t feel the ‘do was in violation. In fact, the 8th grader has had various designs cut into his hair before and was never reprimanded for it.

Now Reader is in the midst of in-school suspension, studying away from the other students, and officials will not let him go back to his regular classes until his hair grows back out or he chooses a new ‘do. Photos of the Dustin Reader Bengals haircut can be found here and here.

Um seriously? Come on, people. Cut the kid some slack. Readers, what are your thoughts? Do you feel that the haircut is distracting? Leave me a comment, would love to hear what you think. Check out a related video below as well.

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