Robert Enke: German Goalkeeper

November 11, 2009

Robert Enke is the German goalkeeper fatally struck by a train this week. Now it appears he may have committed suicide. Read about Robert Enke’s tragic death here.

Robert Enke

The two train operators involved say they saw a man on the tracks Tuesday in Neustadt-Eilvese, but sadly couldn’t come to a stop before reaching him. Police say the train was traveling nearly 100mph at the time of the fatal accident.

Authorities have now confirmed that they found a suicide note, but declined to say exactly where it was recovered. Fans are left reeling in shock, wondering why a successful goalkeeper who was slated to play for his country in the World Cup next year would take his life.

Just three years ago his daughter Lara passed away after suffering from a rare heart condition. She was just two years old. He had also been suffering from a bacterial stomach virus that had rendered him unable to play for a few months.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Hannover president Martin Kind said Robert Enke seemed “unstable” recently, but added “I do not know how and why it happened, but I do not think that it had anything to do with (soccer).”

Another player, Kevin Kuranyi said:

“This can and must not be true. Robert was such a great bloke. I don’t know how I will tell my wife. She is very good friends with Robert’s wife. I feel for his family.”

Fans gathered by the hundreds last night outside of the stadium in Hannover to light candles and pay their respects to the German goalkeeper.

I’ve included some photos and video of Robert Enke below.

Robert EnkeRobert Enke


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One Response to “Robert Enke: German Goalkeeper”

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    I want to say that FAME and FORTUNE is just ons aspect of LIFE,but there is a bigger aspect to life,and therefore the basic principle that we should use to govern our lives is to ask the LORD to help us to be of ourselves WISELY.
    He couldnt manage his stress for what ever reason and its sad that no body close to him could identify the problem till his death.
    May he rest in peace.