Adidas Build-A-Pair

November 12, 2009

Adidas shoes and athletic equipment had for years given athletes the opportunity to dress for success, from head to toes. And shoes this year is one of Adidas’ novelties, the variety of colors, stability, weight, cushioning arch support, ventilation , as well as sizes and of course prices are large.

Some of these amazing shoes are Adidas CC Genius Novak (yes for Novak Djokovic). This incredible slipper weighs just 15 oz. It also features an elastic material in the midsole that softens the blow of crash landings; you can find it in sizes from 6.5 to 15 and the price is approximately of $150.00 and comes with a six month guarantee on the outsole.

And did you by chance take a look at Melanie Oudin’s neon slippers; they look incredible comfortable and totally chic, she was wearing Adidas Barricade V tennis shoes. Now you can have Melanie´s Neon Slipper or customized your own, How?

Well that is simple go to and for $140.00 you can have Melanie´s Neon slippers or made your own. Adidas Build a-pair works pretty much like when visit any car web site and you click build your own choice, from the body color from the interior options so Mi adidas works the same , like choose the color of the laces, upper and outsole, midfoot, midsole.

This incredible idea was launched this year and it is available for tennis, soccer, basketball, training and running shoes. And a significant plus is that you can also choose to inscribe your personal message on the side of your shoes, Melanie´s slipper was customized by herself and her boyfriend and the message she chose was “Believe”, and for her outstanding performance it looks that it totally worked for her, she seems to have a telepathic ability to chose to hit a winning shot or a neutral, her pride and mental toughness took her to a different level, in comparison to other players.

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