Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Cancer Diagnosis

November 10, 2009

For Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cancer is the word that put a “question mark” on his life expectancy. The basketball icon was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia almost a year ago, and now he is speaking out about it in an effort to help others. Read more below.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar 2

On Tuesday, November 10, 2009, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar publicly revealed that he’s been fighting the illness for almost a year. This announcement came as a surprise to most basketball fans because the NBA legend looks healthy, and might I add, sexy too.

The reason why the current Los Angeles Lakers coach finally decided to come forward about his battle against cancer is to help others facing similar situations. According to reports, when Jabbar found out that many patients skip their meds and doctor’s appointments, he felt that it was his duty to speak up about the sickness. In a recent statement he said:

“Work closely with your doctor, monitor your disease and, above all, take your medicine.”

Here are a few interesting tidbits of information about the “Big Fella”:

He has five offspring, and is typically very private about his life away from basketball. He has scored more points than anyone else in the history of the NBA, and has as many championships as he does sons and daughters.


Rather than adding a video about Karrem Abdul-Jabbar’s cancer diagnosis, I added an amazing highlight reel, which is a testament to his ability to overcome and win. Also check out pictures below.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar 1Kareem Abdul Jabbar 2Kareem Abdul Jabbar 3Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Photos: PNP/www.wenn.com

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