The Women Around Jeff Cunningham’s life

November 12, 2009

Jocelyn Cunningham is the wife of FC Dallas star and 2009 MLS Budweiser Golden Boot winner Jeff Cunningham (he had won also in 2006 with Salt Lake City) and became the first player to have won it twice. Jeff Cunningham is recently scoring 18 goals in 17 games.

Jeff Cunningham was born on August 21, 1976 in Jamaica. When he was three, his father gave him his first soccer ball, he recalls that ball as the only one because everybody was so poor. After his father passed away he moved with his mother to Florida, where his mother worked really hard in several jobs to support her son´s dream of playing soccer at college. After playing college soccer at the University of South Florida, he arrived at MLS teams such as Columbus Crew, Colorado Rapids, Real Salt Lake, Toronto FC, and finally traded to FC Dallas.

Cunningham is famous for his outrageous celebrations after he scores. Like after one of his four goals against Kansas City, Cunningham ran to the stands to beat on a drum carried by a member of the Inferno booster club. Against D.C. United, he leaped into the seats to hug a female fan. When he blasted home a spinning volley against Real Salt Lake, he found the nearest television camera and planted a wet kiss on the lens.
Jocelyn is his confident, best friend and his soul mate; she keeps him grounded and safe. Last September 15th the Cunningham’s welcomed a baby girl Mikayla, In Toronto.

After Mikayla was born Jeff played against Chicago Fire, after her famous daddy scored some of his teammates joined him for a group celebration, in which they swayed their arms back and forth, as though rocking a baby to sleep.

When asked about gorgeous Mikayla he said that he hopes she will be a future soccer player hopefully a lefty since in his opinion “Left-footed kickers are rare, so I’m getting her ready to play soccer.”

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