Alli Spencer is Will MacKenzie’s Hot Girlfriend (Photos & Video)

December 12, 2007

This is Golf’s hottest girlfriend Alli Spencer, and we all thought Tiger’s wife is the number 1 on the Hot Spot. View her sexy photos and video below

Alli Spencer is featured in FHM
, you must have a look at the stunning sexy pictures . She just wiped Tiger Woods Wife from the Nr.1 Hot Spot.
She met Will MacKenzie while working at a golf course in Memphis where was playing a tournament. Even though, Alli does not trust Athletes, she accepted his offer to join him at the Trick Pony concert, a country band that Alli spencer loves.

When asked if she had to beat girls away with a 9-iron, she said that these girls are way overdressed and usually show up in very short skirts. Most of the ladies will lurk around waiting for autographs after the round. One time, a girl asked her Will:

“So what are you doing later?�?! He said, “I don’t know, but you can ask my girlfriend.�?
Hockey calls groupies like that “puck bunnies.�? What’s the preferred golf terminology?
Straight up “pro hos.�?

Alli Spencer also mentioned that golfers are very superstitious. If Will MacKenzie plays badly wearing a certain shirt, he doesn’t ever wear it again. Also he won’t drive a car that’s numbered in the 80s, because that’s a bad round of golf. He only plays with certain numbered golf balls—he won’t play with odd numbered balls, only twos and fours.

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