Fla. Coach Meyer: Fine For Criticizing Official

November 8, 2009

Is Fla. Coach Meyer fine? Probably not – Fla. Coach Meyer’s fine for criticizing an official was set at a whopping $30,000. Read more below.

Fla. Coach Meyer 1

Why shouldn’t Southeastern Conference coaches be able to express their opinion about whether or not the officials did a good job calling the game? I mean, if they did a crummy job and got a few calls wrong, in my opinion, they should be called out on it. It’s the coach’s job to win, and the ref’s job to officiate. So, why should refs be protected from scrutiny if they don’t deliver?

Especially since with modern technology, such as, instant replay, DVR’s, and ESPN highlights everybody sees the missed calls anyway.

The statement that landed Urban Meyer in hot water was in reference to a late hit by Nick Williams on QB Tim Tebow. He said:

“That should have been a penalty, in my opinion. Obviously, it should have been. You’ve got to protect quarterbacks. That’s the whole purpose.

30G’s for that! I just can’t accept that as a reasonable rule. What do you think?

In a statement made in regard to the fine, the Florida coach said that he didn’t intend to criticize an official, and that he was sorry. Obviously his freedom of speech has been restricted, so here’s my question. Did he really mean the later statement, or did he have no options other than just graciously accepting the penalty?

What do you think? Is the sum of Fla. Coach Meyer’s fine for criticizing an official fair? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. You’ll also find pictures and a video below.

Fla. Coach Meyer 1Fla. Coach Meyer 2Fla. Coach Meyer 3Fla. Coach Meyer

Photos: Aruna/www.wenn.com

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5 Responses to “Fla. Coach Meyer: Fine For Criticizing Official”

  1. 1
    Richard Ayers Says:

    I think the whole situation is a travesty!!! The oficiating at sporting events of all kinds, especially college football has become totally rediculous. Where do they find these people??!! Urban Meyer is probably one of the most strieght up coaches in college football and, why shouldn’t he question bad or, no calls?? The SEC officals should be taken to court for free speech violations

  2. 2
    Frank Pringle Says:

    The coaches job is to win and protect his players. The officials have to be made accountable for their actions. Just as a doctor is held accountable for malpractice so should official for blatent incompetence. Do we always know what their connections or intentions are, what they did the night before or what personal problems they may b e having that could affect their perception. We are all accountable in our jobs daily they should not be the exception. If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen get out.

  3. 3
    Ed Prasthofer Says:

    These fines for athletes are an insult to the public intelligence, and serve only to placate the masses when a referee is punched, authority is disrespected, etc. With Meyer’s salary, incentives, and endorsements of $5M/yr, the fine is the equivalent of $240 for someone making $40K per year. It is even more of a joke for professional basketball and baseball players. Do the math on Philip Rivers fine, and you will see why he will have no problem continuing his trash talk anytime he wishes.

  4. 4
    Kris Kringle Says:

    So Ed, what you are saying is that Urban getting a fine for $30,000 is like someone like me getting a speeding ticket for going 34 in a 30 from some cop hiding in the bushes. And that Urban just doesn’t have the time or patience to fight the ticket. And like me, just gives lip service to the official governing body and just paid the darn thing to avoid the hassle.
    I can relate.
    So let me ask this question anyway, “Do official bodies that do things like this deserve respect?”

  5. 5
    carlechols Says:

    I don’t like Florida nor Meyers BUT the officiating in the SEC is the worst I’ve ever seen in over 50 years of watching college football. They penalize offensive players for exuberent celebration but when a defensive end sacks the QB and celebrates the flags stay in their pockets. Why should the defense be held to different standards than the offense?? No wonder some folks believe college football in the SEC is fixed. It is and the referees control the point spread however the league dictates.