Mo’s great Lady

November 8, 2009

Mariano Rivera A.K.A Mo, is the Yankees relief pitcher who was born In Panama, and a devoted Christian.

No wonder behind a fabulous pitcher is a tremendous woman, his wife Clara. They got married On November 1991, when she proposed to him (you go Girl!), Mariano recalls that she popped the question, but he bought the ring, that earned him the name the closer; together they have three sons Mariano Jr., Jafet, and Jaziel. (I supposed they like the letter J).

In 2004 Clara suffered the loss of her uncle and nephew who died electrocuted in a pool, apparently the boy touched a cable while cleaning the pool, his father tried to help him but was helpless. This terrible tragedy impacted the Riveras tremendously; they explain how the Love of God and their love for each other help them overcome the loss.

When some of Mariano teammates were interviewed by David Letterman, about him they said they didn’t know how Mo managed to send the ball to the exact spot, it’s something nobody can understand but is unbelievable.

Well fans and teammates admire Mariano, certainly his wife admires her husband as well, and one thing she admires the most is how he remains calm and confident even when things seem difficult but Mariano adds that whenever he gets nervous, he trusts God with his life.

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